Dish It Out: Amal Abeysekera


How do our food experts cook and eat? Home baker and amateur food photographer Amal of @thunapahadiaries takes our Q&A!

The Stranded Chefs

Bread & Buns

As their apt moniker implies, the Stranded Chefs, husband and wife duo, Buddhika Marasinghe and Padmini Nagalingam who combine their skills as a baker /chef were all set to return to Australia when the third wave of the pandemic wreaked havoc on their plans.

Chums Bakes


Chamindri de Fonseka, fondly known as ‘Chums’ with friends and family, was working as a graphic designer doing branding and packaging through her boutique design firm. Trying her hand at baking during the first lockdown and happy with the success of her goodies, she decided to start her own home baking business.

One not to be missed - WNPS Public Lecture by the Legendary Dr Jane Goodall

Latest Stories

Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka (WNPS) and Nations Trust Bank (NTB) are proud to announce their upcoming Public Lecture on 17 June which will be by Dr Jane Goodall. “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Buzz with Danu: Shey

Life Columns

Today on the Buzz I have a very special person, she is a bag of talent with an amazing heart and our friendship goes back to the year 2000. She is the voice that woke us up for years on YES FM as Shey and now she is driving us home safe, and me insane sometimes. I’m sure you would have seen her singing and giving life to so many songs with Soul Sounds. Her talents are limitless. Today she speaks beyond all of that, she speaks about life.

Designer 1-2-1: Tif Florentina


Founder of Nakota Tuwa, Tif Florentina’s interest in fashion was sparked by the mother and her grandmother who were both designers. Launched last year, Tif who studied fashion design at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK wants those who wear her creations to feel beautiful, confident, elegant, comfortable, to feel themselves.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion: The One We’ve All Been Waiting For


On 27th May 2021, the highly anticipated reunion of FRIENDS was aired and it was like sitting down for a nostalgic chat with old friends. In the history of television, there has probably never been a reunion more anticipated or more in demand than this, but then again, no TV show has reached this same level of success - boasting statics with a watch rate of over 100 billion across all platforms.

New Ink Forum Goes Online for 2021


New Ink, a forum for books published within the calendar year, is set to take place online this year, from 4-6 June. Focused on new publications by emerging and established writers, the forum began in 2020 as a platform for readers, writers, and critics to meet and engage at close quarters. This year’s forum will be held as three 2-hour sessions to incorporate six panels of readings, ideas, and exchange.

Get A Unique Wedding Card Designed For Your Big Day


With a liking towards handwork from her younger days, Menaka Amerasinghe had always wanted to put her creativity to good use. What resulted was her venturing into making birthday cards and subsequently trying her hand at making wedding invitation cards. This was how came into being. Six years later, Amarasinghe has created a market for laser cut wedding invitations made out of wood and board materials.

Buongiorno Italia – The Birth and Making of Mille Soya: Boodee Keerthisena


It was two movies, A Fish Called Wanda and Caravaggio that rooted my love for the Italian language. In A Fish Called Wanda, Jamie Lee Curtis tells Kevin Kline who was always talking Italian, “Talk to me in Italian”, and their scenes were always very funny. I watched the movie again recently and after visiting Italy fifteen times, understood every word Kevin was saying.