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Today on fashionably Danu, I feature a brand that’s young and keeping up with the time - it’s trendy and perfectly stitched, LYSH speaks to the summer you every day. I like the detailing and how comfortable the brand feels on you. Yes, we see a lot of summer shirts in the market today but this cotton mixed fabric makes it a very dressy affair so you can style it the way you want.

Colours Come to Life at Baked Colombo


Situated in Elibank Road just off Dickman’s Road, Baked Colombo is a café that serves good food with a calming atmosphere and free Wi-Fi for you to get all your work done in peace. This comfortable space can accommodate up to 36 people and there is a smoking area outside as well. They will be starting breakfast soon and it will start at 7 am, for all the hustlers out there to get a quick fix on the go.

Tuk Tuk Treats


Farizeh Salahuddin speaks to Food Factor about growing up in Salloos Restaurant, her love for baking and the setting up of Tuk Tuk Treats in Sri Lanka.

Lifebouy’s H for Handwashing movement

Health & Wellness

The ABCs of education haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Maybe, now is the time.

W@W - Tush Wickramanayaka

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With mounting numbers of cases relating to child abuse being reported from all corners of the island, Sri Lanka has become an unsafe environment for children as well as women. Taking the mantle to voice out against injustice faced by children, one lady is determined to set things straight. Dr Tushara Wickramanayaka, fondly known as Tush, is a Family Physician and Founder Chairperson of Stop Child Cruelty Trust.

Kandygs enters the digital space


Hues of blues, greens and pinks welcome visitors at the Kandygs Thirasara Island showroom located at the heart of Thimbirigasyaya. As a long-established brand that gave much depth and meaning to locally produced handloom textiles, the third generation of this family-owned brand is ready to turn a new chapter in its 49-year journey today.

Senaka experiments interior décor with Sri Lanka’s provincial flags

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Veteran fashion designer and choreographer Senaka De Silva has ventured into decorating interiors with provincial flags of Sri Lanka. At his house in Kohuwala, De Silva was busy perfecting a newly designed Hansaya Flag to be given away to a client. “I want to study about the different provincial flags and give more meaning to the interiors. Every flag could therefore tell a story,” he added while concentrating on the artwork.

Back Of Beyond


The loud and enigmatic harmony of the rahaiyas welcomed us at mid-day. A family of grey langurs were resting on a nearby tree but were too inquisitive to be entertaining their partners. Trees of various shades dominating the landscape swayed in a frenzy to keep up with strong winds. We were at Back of Beyond – Kurulu Uyana, a name earned by the property as it’s an ideal place for bird watching situated at the foot of the iconic Pidurangala Rock.

WTF - Sit and eat, you are in for a treat!

Life Columns

On WTF this week, we check out a new baby in town, inspired by a typical American diner from the 70’s, Joe’s Diner is ready to serve you with groovy music in the background. great movies have always featured many scenes in diners like in Grease, When Harry Met Sally and many many more, Diners are a classic staple of American Culture.

K’s Kitchen


With home-based food businesses booming post-pandemic restrictions, K’s Kitchen is a recent addition to the industry that was welcomed with much fanfare, love and support. The chef behind the brand, Kesara Kahandaliyanage (more popularly known as ‘K’) is on the autism spectrum and for as long as he can remember, he has always dreamed of starting his own food business.