Fresh Forward with Subway

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Subway opened its newest outlet at the One Galle Face Mall Colombo, franchised by a co-owner of International Brands Pvt. Ltd., Amith Waduge. This is the newest out of the 7 subways in Sri Lanka and the first to be opened in a large scale shopping mall.

Moti Mahal

Food & Drink

Home of the legendary tandoori chicken & butter chicken

Rukshan Perera Live In Concert - 10


Rukshan Perera is preparing for his annual concert for the 10th straight year (Rukshan Perera Live In Concert 10) to be held at Bishop’s College Auditorium on 16th Feb 2020. According to Rukshan, this will be his last concert of this particular series, and will include some new creations!!

Proposed Animal Welfare Bill as a national priority

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Sri Lanka’s wildlife and animal welfare in general is at a critical condition with repeated incidents of cruelty towards animals being reported. A country that has advocated on Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekka - the Four Sublime States of Buddhism is now seeing an increase in the number of reports of cruelty to animals. Not only is it being done in private spaces but at religious sites as well.

WTF – Playing with Fire


This week on WTF we had a meaty encounter! The world famous Everest conqueror Johann decided he needs to put his recipes on the menu and I am very happy that he did so.



We first dropped by David’s Dangerously Delicious (DDD) Char Siu down Rosmead Place back in June last year. Six months later, DDD has expanded – not just in their menu but also with their location, and we happily returned to see if their Char Siu is still ‘addictive’ as we found it to be.

Buzz with Danu - Celebrating Vinodh

Buzz With Danu

Today is a special day to write about this amazing man I had the pleasure of working with. Can’t believe 365 days have gone by since we said goodbye to him. Vinodh is a special man, full of life and ever so giving, it can be food, it can be love or time for a friend he has it all to give and it’s so rare today.

Bawa 100: The Gift


The Lunuganga Trust continues to mark the 100th Birthday of one of; if not the most, influential creative Sri Lanka has ever produced, with “The Gift”: an art installation by 6 world renowned artists at Geoffrey Bawa’s country estate in Lunuganga on the 5th of January 2020.

Save Earth


Here’s how you could help Save Earth during this decade