A chat with Shannon Jacob
2014-10-30 12:07:17
This week we feature someone who is currently pursui ...
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2014-10-30 16:32:39
Meet Casper the friendly pooch ...
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2014-10-30 16:08:45
You call them Burghers, we call them 'Anglo-Indians'. Just like in Sr ...
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2014-10-30 15:47:28
Don't we all wish we had sparkling, glowing hair that behaved on its own, ...
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2014-10-30 15:09:02
You would describe Vindya as a young, talented, qualified individual but when ...
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Dora is here! ...
LITE FM Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2014 ...
Siyatha Lux Miss World Sri Lanka 2014 mini page ...

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‘Tinker bell’ amongst the friends

Jehan Wijayaratne

Drumstick white curry

Vimukthi Jayasundara

October 2
Camilla Belle
October 8
Matt Damon
October 14
October 28
Julia Roberts
This year's Nexus range includes the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9. The latter, which displays Goog ...
When someone puts together elements of your favourite political drama and the most intense FPS sh ...
In 2013, there were 3.9 billion email accounts, and more than 100 billion emails sent each day ar ...
2014-10-21 11:33:16
Just like the flu season, it’s exam season and each are regarded with extreme dread and animosity. ...
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Hair today, gone tomorrow!
2014-10-21 11:42:46
ARRRGGHHH..the soul crushing pain, the humiliation, the tears that will never stop ...
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The War of the Roses
2014-10-14 11:38:08
When you hear the word “sibling”, rivalry almost immediately follows s ...
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Rumble In The Jungle
2014-10-14 11:28:17
My arms fail forward and I grasp a tuft of carefully coiffed pigtail, I tug mercil ...
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Can't let go..
2014-10-07 12:25:53
O where art thou?...O beautiful soother of mine. Here I am in my P.J’s, it&r ...
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Controlling your “attention seeker”
2014-10-07 12:16:42
Every family with children has one. The one that is in your face, loud, argumentat ...
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Your favourite 2014 sci-fi movie?
Edge of Tomorrow
The Signal
Dazzle - In A Singing Style!
2014-09-30 12:51:36
The Cantabile School Of singing was founded in 2004 by Prashilini Peiris with just ...
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Puswedilla Ars Idle
2014-09-15 15:05:21
Sri Lankans love politics and the “Puswedilla” series of plays have go ...
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Sounds Like Voice.Print
2014-08-25 10:39:15
“Voice Print” is a group that needs no introduction to local audiences ...
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