CIS stages 'Jane Eyre'
2015-01-27 15:09:50
Something. The immortal classic Jane Eyre will be given l ...
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2015-01-27 16:21:52
The students of Elizabeth Moir present ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway’, a pl ...
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2015-01-27 15:37:33
It's two delightful words with “chocolate” and “cake” ...
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2015-01-27 15:24:44
Evenings at the beach are always something that most people look forward to. ...
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2015-01-27 12:44:58
Dips are very versatile concoctions being an immediate hit at any social gathering ...
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Lite 87 FM ‘Dracula Untold’ special screeni ...
Halloween at Streat 360 ...
Halloween at ON14 ...

The Chameleons

Dilruk Jayasinha

Drumstick white curry

Jayampathi Guruge

January 9
Sean Paul
January 17
Jim Carrey
January 25
Alicia Keys
January 31
Justin Timberlake
Assassin's Creed is one of the biggest selling titles in the industry and for good reason. Th ...
Barely into the New Year, the 2015 tech-frenzy has already begun. The great preview of the CES on ...
In this sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Lara finds herself ...
2015-01-27 12:39:53
My heart pounding, a sense of impending doom pervading my very soul, unwelcome anticipation tingling through my veins ...
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In A Material World
2015-01-20 11:32:00
As Madonna said in her famous pop song “It’s a material world, and I&r ...
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Ten Day Plan!
2015-01-20 11:17:46
Right so I wake up to commotion, T.V, radio both blaring in the background. The ad ...
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Differences in parenting
2015-01-13 12:55:35
Recently I’ve been thinking I’ve gotten great at this parenting thing. ...
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Time To Get Ripped!!
2015-01-06 11:50:54
Mother dearest flounces into the living room…”My gawed!, my playpen l ...
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The Fury of the Vexed Parent!
2015-01-06 11:42:34
Our recent holiday season, Christmas is usually described in any Hallmark card, wh ...
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Your favourite 2014 sci-fi movie?
Edge of Tomorrow
The Signal
Rukshan Perera Live In Concert V
2015-01-19 13:10:34
He sang an award-winning song for the Rotary Club and orange osari and sarong clad ...
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Gone Girl: Reviewed
2014-12-30 15:02:37
The movie begins stating that the ‘Primal questions of any marriage’ a ...
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Reviewed: The Victoria Chorale
2014-12-15 12:17:07
The month of December is my favourite time not only because I get a bucket load of ...
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