Revving up to race at Silverstone

The aerodynamics of the nose cone, the tilt of the rear spoiler, road grip, fuel mix, gear ratio, downforce. Most of us would be left b...

Google Keep

I’m a sucker for note management apps and I’ve tried and tested loads of such apps only to be left disappointed.

Oppo F3: Reviewed

Whether you’re an occasional selfie-snapper or an obsessive-life-documenting-selfie king/queen, you would know that there is an abund...

Connecting With Your Child

Mums in Colombo in conjunction with the Grassrooted Trust has organised two knowledge sharing sessions for parents of children between ...


Women in Need is a non governmental organisation that has been tirelessly striving to eliminate all forms of violence against women and...

CAKE LABS Evolves To Sysco Labs

CAKE LABS, the premiere Sri Lankan restaurant technology company, which is owned by Sysco, announced the opening of a brand new office ...

The Rise Of The Sex Tape

As a nation having topped the list of countries that searched for the word ’sex’ on Google for the fifth consecutive year in 2016, ...

Types Of Twitter Users

I like to think that Twitter is the window to your soul, in 140 characters. Try as you might, eventually, your true personality always ...

App Roulette: Clue

Period tracker apps have gained in popularity due to their usefulness and convenience - after all, gone are the days of surreptitiously...

ParkSmart App Launch

As the population of Colombo increases daily, the congestion on the roads is on a rise. With this, there’s a lingering need for an ef...

Countdown+ Widgets Lite

How often do you forget important events, deadlines, and incur the wrath of the near and dear? If you’re like us, we’ll wager enoug...

OPPO Launches Selfie Expert F1 Phone

The everevolving smartphone brand OPPO launched the F1s at a glamorous event in Mumbai, introducing another superb device to its photog...

Android 'N'

Are you anxious to find out what dessert Google will choose for the next version of Android?

A Bluetooth Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare is launching a new smart toothbrush that connects to an app via Bluetooth. 

Sachira Fernando

Sachira Fernando is a self-proclaimed collaborator when it comes to the tech industry in Sri Lanka. He has involved himself in many


We’re flooded with selfies in our daily lives, and with apps like Snapchat the selfie game has become pretty strong but it doesn&...

TVShow Time

After literally spending eons scouring the app store for an app that would help us keep track of our gazillion tv shows, we finally


You’re probably thinking why would my wine bottle need an internet connection? Because everything is “smart” these da...

3D Printed Wedding Dress

Sri Lankan fashion designer Charlene Thuring, founder of c.h.a.r.l.e.n.e a brand that encapsulates the fashion forward girl, recently

Moment Cam

If there's something we can never get enough of, it's photography apps. And boy are 

A Peak Into The Machine Age

It’s the year 2016, and we still ask ourselves, ‘Where are all science fiction advancements we’ve


It always seems like we need more than 24 hours in a day because we have so much to

In a bold move to making travelling by public transport easier, is a relatively new site which aims to make your travel