Moment Cam

If there's something we can never get enough of, it's photography apps. And boy are 

A Peak Into The Machine Age

It’s the year 2016, and we still ask ourselves, ‘Where are all science fiction advancements we’ve


It always seems like we need more than 24 hours in a day because we have so much to

In a bold move to making travelling by public transport easier, is a relatively new site which aims to make your travel

Forest: Stay Focused

If there's one thing most of us are guilty of, it's smartphone addiction. Despite pressing matters  requiring our undivide...


How many times have you gone on vacay and ended up forgetting your phone charger? Or gasp, extra underwear? It happens to

Apple To Kill An Old Friend?

  Let’s not jump into conclusions now, Apple isn’t going to kill a person, but this will certainly fill you with grie...

Hyperloop Transportation

  We watch Sci-Fi movies with the hope that from which we could have a glance of the future, a future with hover boards, self-dri...

Mimicker Alarm

  Everyone has their own list, and there are probably thousands of things you already hate. The sound of a crying baby, wall dril...

Augmented Reality with ModiFace

We’ve always been amused by video games, the fact that our world can be merged with another, a world with endless possibilities h...

Kim Kardashian : Hollywood

While the rest of you were busy ditching your new year resolutions, we made valuable use of all that resolution-free hours to try ou...