Lessons Of The Summer

Summer holidays started quite early for my lovely brood of four. We have, so far, spent fifty days in a summer glow bliss. Wait, I retr...

The Simple White Sock

This is the story of a sock. A plain white ordinary one - no stripes, no colour and not even a bit of a frill to excite the viewer. I w...

Holiday Factory

The long days of summer holidays though quite inviting on busy school days can prove to be disastrous if not meticulously organized and...

A Team Player

Sitting knee deep in half drunk Milos’, the umpire’s whistle blaring in my ears, the rise and fall of the spectator’s cheers reso...

Family Guinea Pig

As you must have figured out by now even at twenty-four months and a quarter I am singularly the cleverer child out of the two

New Day, New Parent

As parents we are constantly under pressure to hold our children under extreme scrutiny and correct any faults that we see or find.

Being a new father

Parenting is a very daunting task indeed, of course as babies are born and new parents are unveiled, everyone's first thoughts are

Looking for an adventure!

Legs don’t fail me now, I’m on the run. These funny appendages that allow me the freedom to quickly evacuate myself from tr...


Exams during childhood are a necessary evil. They are the only substantial way of assessing whether your child is progressing in a


This week on “Mummy Travels”, I came across an after school club like no other! In this modern day and age technology is

I need Mummy, NOW!

I’m nervous, scared, slight palpitations fleeting run across my heart and I’m slowly starting to find it hard to breathe. I...

Student Parents..

Becoming a parent is the single most important decision you will ever make in your life. Whether you go on to make millions, save

Raising the “RIGHT” Parent

I am a worrier. I am a Parent. In my defense before I had kids my worries teetered upon whether I should do my nails in “red&rdqu...

It's Party Time!

The house is in a state of anticipation. Just Dad is in a corner attempting to blow balloons which Big Sister keeps popping, just great...

Early Childhood Conference

Professor David Galloway of the Durham University, Glasgow will be in Sri Lanka to address a 3 day conference on EARLY

Fledgling Warriors

With Mother's Day around the corner, recommendations are in galore to celebrate all mums around the country. This is indeed

10 Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

It’s probably our least favourite place to clean in the house. And it somehow manages to be the messiest. I know most of you don’t

Igniting the Fire

Our children are wondrous creatures capable of levels of brilliance that we thought never possible. Their abilities leave us in

Frozen Carrots!

It’s been proven, I’M officially melting. I think I just felt my baby legs melt away. What is happening to this country of ours, it...

Enough Parent?

We are halfway through the holidays and I am still holding strong, a little crumpled around the edges but sanity and good humour

A Sick Baby..

Woke up to a throbbing pain in my head. How did that happen?...I feel so hot, has the air conditioning gone belly up, have we moved

Perfect Parents?

With the New Year holidays amongst us, our roles as parents will surely be tested. Yes we sigh in relief at the break from school