Frozen Carrots!

It’s been proven, I’M officially melting. I think I just felt my baby legs melt away. What is happening to this country of ours, it...

Enough Parent?

We are halfway through the holidays and I am still holding strong, a little crumpled around the edges but sanity and good humour

A Sick Baby..

Woke up to a throbbing pain in my head. How did that happen?...I feel so hot, has the air conditioning gone belly up, have we moved

Perfect Parents?

With the New Year holidays amongst us, our roles as parents will surely be tested. Yes we sigh in relief at the break from school


We all expect to grow up and have fairytale endings, being married to the love of your life surrounded by beautiful bouncy children.

Child losing STEAM

Dear readers, please in no way be alarmed, I am not in “Asian tiger mum” mode pushing my child disregarding her physical an...

Sugar Baby

Life is not alright in my little baby world full of fluffy teddy bears and powder puffs. I am vexed no wait I’m more frustrated.....

Happiness is...

Nestled comfortably in my lap my youngest looks busy at my desk, curls bobbing tenderly, fingers lightly tapping the keyboard, all in m...

Hiding from the Attention Seekers

Bringing up my babies and constantly being at their beck and call, I would wistfully take comfort in the fact that as they 

March Madness

‘Woah’, have I been sucking on my dummy way too long, WHERE AM I?...First we were all packing up for a little trip in the&n...

Leaking Bed?

Bringing up children is not a lazy afternoon walk in the park. Consider adding an obstacle course with man-eating crocodiles to your