Sabrina 4th in National Costume

Sarbina Herft, a clear favourite as predicted by the Las Vegas Sun, clinched 4th place in the National Costume show of the Miss Universe Pageant. 
Miss USA Olivia Culpo was crowned the 2012 Miss Universe. 20-year-old beauty queen from Cranston-Rhode Island Olivia Culpo was crowned the new Miss universe, beating out 88 other contestants from around the world, including first runner-up Janine Tugonon of the Philippines, to win the highly-coveted title.
“Just one more day..... I just wanted to take this moment to thank all of you that have been following my progress for the past few weeks at Miss Universe and for all the love and never ending support," wrote Sabrina on her facebook page, before the pageant thanking her fans and well-wishers.
“I would not be here without you, my fans. So no matter what happens tomorrow I really do hope that I have lived up to your standards and have done our country proud!”
Looks like she has done our country proud indeed with her fascinating National Costume!
The complete results
1st runner-up : Miss Philippines - Janine Tugonon
2nd runner-up : Miss Venezuela - Irene Sofia Esser Quintero
3rd runner-up : Miss Australia - Renae Ayris 
4th runner-up : Miss Brazil - Gabriele Markus
Special Awards
Miss Photogenic : Miss Kosovo - Diana Avdiu
Miss Congeniality : Miss guatemala - Laura Godoy
Best National costume : Miss China - Ji Dan Xu
Top 10 Best National Costume
1. China
2. Mexico
3. Netherlands
4. Sri Lanka
5. Brazil
6. Nicaragua
7. British Virgin Islands
8. Panama
9. Peru
10. Indonesia
List courtesy - thestunningangels


  1. EshiP says:

    The costume is an interpretation of a thorana during 'vesak'/ the festival of lights, using the peacock as it's inspiration. How are these references not culturally relevant to Sri Lanka? The rules don't state that it has to be the actual national dress. Give the design team and her some credit and stop hating on someone who worked very hard to represent Sri Lanka in the best possible light

  2. malkanthi says:

    Best costume should have been the ideal title, this is nowhere sri lankan.

  3. Alex says:

    What kind of a national dress is that? never seen such a dress, but happy for her achievement.

  4. Gunapala says:

    EshiP ; I totally agree with your comment. Most people on this blog haven't a real clue about what they are talking about, they only want do condemn what others do. I thought that costume depicted exactly what you stated in your comment and Sabrina conducted herself very well at the contest. A credit to our country.

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