“Sri Siddhartha Gautama”


The long awaited movie depicting the life and journey of Lord Buddha towards enlightenment, “Sri Siddhartha Gautama was launched at Liberty Cinema, Kollupitiya and other EAP circuit theatres island-wide this last Thursday, 24th. A production of Navin Guneratne chairman of The Light of Asia Foundation, the movie was directed by Saman Weeraman.
The cast includes Indian fame Gagan Malik, and other artistes who together have formed a stupendous and true to form depiction of the characters. Anchal Singh (India), Ranjan Ramanayake (Sri Lanka), Anjani Perera (USA), Gautam Gulati (India), Roshan Ranawana (Sri Lanka), Saranga Disasekara (Sri Lanka), Dilhani Perera (USA), and Wilson Gooneratne (Sri Lanka) play lead roles in the movie. 
Heart wrenching in portraying an essential human side to this influential figure, the movie also captures the emotional interlock of those around him. Here are comments from those attending the premiere and cast members:
Gagan Malik
This is the most sacred role one can play in his life and I was lucky to get the chance. Our motive was not a commercial hit. My new slogan is to do one good work per day for a stranger and encourage you to do the same. And I really love Sri Lanka.
Roshan Ranawana
It’s wonderful. I consider myself lucky to have played Nanda. Please do come over and watch the movie.
Anchal Singh (Yashodara)
It’s like we’re embarking on a new journey. It was truly great to play the role of Yashodara, the epitome of beauty, truth, virtue and faithfulness to the
Saranga Dissasekera
I play Channa, the closest friend to the prince. As an upcoming actor this is a privilege and a very good opportunity. Come and be a part of the experience.
Anshu Malik (Queen Mahamaya)
I’ve given my 100% to come as close to her character. Please go ahead and watch the movie. 
Anjali Perera
I very much connected to the character. We definitely need to spread the message in the movie amongst everyone. 
Yasiru and Dinukshi
Lots of expectations. Depiction of emotion from start through end was really good. The lead roles did an excellent job
By Nivedha Jeyaseelan
Pics by Waruna Wanniarachchi


  1. shanika says:

    me film eka godak honda film ekak.ape ithihasayata nawathath giya kiyala mata hithenawa.

  2. Upekha says:

    I watched it and was very disappointed with the story line. The story lacked flow and did not depict all the details from the the birth till enlightenment. I felt like this was produced under the impression that everyone knows the life story of Siddhartha. If a non buddhist happened to watch it, it would've only confused them.

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