Jacqueline loves comedies!

Jacqueline Fernandez after locking headlines for biggest sequels including Murder 2, Housefull 2 and Race 2 in the most sizzling role is inclined towards fun and comedy.  Jacqueline who has dabbled in various genres admits to comedy being her favorite.
Actress said, “Comedies are much more fun to work on. You have the most stress-free time. The best part about working on comedies is that you can be spontaneous and light-hearted.”
The actress however is keen on experimenting with versatile roles ,not wanting to restrict herself to a certain genre,adds Jacqueline, “The beauty of being an actor is that you can experiment with your roles. You get to play make-believe and dress up differently for every movie. For me, this is the essence for being an actor. I try and aim for as many different roles as possible.”


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