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Wouldn’t we all love to pull off the hairstyle that’s in fashion- from the Princess Diana cut in 1996 to the Jennifer Aniston hairdo back in 1995 and the Rihanna look of 2007?
Jennifer Aniston   
The moment these celebs get their trendy cuts on cam, girls rush to their salons with googled printouts of the celebrity they want to look like. However one forgets that apart from the unique hairstyle itself, the particular hairdo looks attractive on these celebs because they find a style that is suited for the shape of their face. 
Sporting a suitable hairstyle which compliments your face is vital in completing the right look. Therefore you need be careful when selecting a hairstyle as it may not necessarily be flattering to you. 
alt    Ramani Fernando 
Speaking to renowned hairstylist Ramani Fernando, I discovered that a girl can indeed achieve the splendid look she yearns for no matter the face shape.
The shape of the hair could alter the shape of the face by emphasizing good features and minimizing others.
Round shaped face - short hair is generally most suitable. Height at the top, and the side hair flat, preferably covering the cheeks is applicable. An asymmetrical hairstyle or parting will minimize the roundness. For longer hair, on a round face shape, a side swept fringe will also assist to reduce the round appearance. A donkey fringe is a definite ‘no no’ as it accentuates the roundness further.
Heart shaped face - Play down the width at the temples and create fullness round the chin. An asymmetrical style or a side parting also looks effective on this face shape.
Oval shaped face - An oval shaped face is believed to be the perfect shape. Any style of hair would generally suit this shape.
Most girls I have come across today, like to wear their hair longer, basically at shoulder length or a few inches below shoulder. This hair is however generally styled by maintaining the length. The younger crowd tend to have neat looking styles, and at the same time there are others who carry off a messy look very stylishly. 
One of the most contemporary hairdos that Sri Lankan girls are carrying is the Blake Lively look with the hair worn long with soft waves at the end. Of course to maintain any of these looks, it is definitely necessary to use the correct type of styling products, which are now readily available in the market.
Blake Lively
I find that textured short haircuts are also worn by many young women. Highlights and fashionable colours which usually make strong statements are also popularly worn by the ones that search for sophistication.
Up dos are also getting fashionable amongst young women for formal occasions, and these are worn more in a "Dressy, Messy" way rather than being structured.
(Text by Piyumi Buddhakorala)



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