Types of Jaywalkers

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Jaywalking occurs when a pedestrian walks in or crosses a roadway illegally, which, let's face it, makes up a considerable number of people on our roads. From intentional and unintentional daredevils to those who just don't really care, our roads are filled with jaywalkers intent on infuriating one and all.

The ones on the phone

Sometimes spotted by the zebra crossing, most often not, they tend to move mechanically with the crowd, their mind a world away. Being vigilant, according to them, is the driver's responsibility. Not theirs.

The anti eye contact brigade

Crossing in front of your vehicle, they will actively avoid your gaze, looking the other way instead. Acknowledging the driver is the least they could do owing to the fact that they've just attempted to ditch the designated crossing line and cross illegally.

YOLO gang

For the YOLO (you only live once) gang, crossing lines are meant wimps and the cowardly. Open roads with vehicles driving by at high speeds? Yes, please! They will make almost no attempt to check both sides of the road and will jump in front of unsuspecting drivers risking countless lives in the process.

The leisure walkers

Oh, you're in a rush? Too bad, because they most certainly aren't. Jaywalking aside, these people have the audacity to stroll leisurely across the road, halting traffic and generally not giving a damn.


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