When the Wilde characters came alive

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Veteran playwright Jith Peiris along with the Creative Arts Foundation set the stage to appreciate the works of Oscar Wilde last weekend. Two plays, ‘An Ideal Husband’ and ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ were staged with a talented cast to serve justice to the two plots.



The Importance of Being Earnest was one of Wilde’s famous plays especially among school productions while An Ideal Husband was one of his last plays which still had a relatable plot when compared with current times. The audience was taken on a flashback of memories to the days of fierce females in families, financial scandals, blackmails and strict marriage rules.  

Towards the end of the play a few guests had this to say : 

“It was very interesting.” - Namali

“The extracts chosen were very relevant. I liked  the performance by Lord Goring.” – Ridmi 



“Lord Gory performed well but the others also did a good job.” – Nishel 


“All performers portrayed their characters well and I liked how Jith had done the play in his own way so that we could understand the whole play.” – Shenelle

“Devinda did a good job and I enjoyed the play.” – Chenul 



“I have read both books and the second act was very well done.” – Rani 



“Jith has done a really good job and I enjoyed both plays.” – Kanthika


“I have been a fan of Oscar Wilde for quite a while and it was amazing. The second act was lovely.” – Insaf



“Gwendolin performed well and in fact, the second was very well done.” – Gitu 



“I liked Act 2 in particular but Danu’s performance was exceptional.” – Manik



“I liked both acts because the contexts were completely different. Melani is one of my good friends but both of them were well done.” – Kumudini 


“The set was absolutely fantastic and all the actresses were beyond expectation. I was extremely impressed with Lady Bracknell and every single one of them. They really played their part.” - Trudy


Pics by: Manoj Ratnayake 


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