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Today I feature a brand that’s truly Lankan, easy on the body and light to the touch. I have always been a big fan of short sleeve shirts, although my arms are far from being flattering. “The short sleeve shirt” is looked upon by some with a certain amount of caution and, at times, even dislike. It is also associated with the uniform of a school kid,  but this can be a fashion statement in our hot county. Their long sleeve look has a sharp “comfiness”.

This online men's designer brand is a must try if you want to breathe and feel free. They have limited pieces per design and you can message them on Facebook, Instagram or simply e-mail them on

I spoke to the designer, Malisha Nicoli, on her design journey: 

1. What is ALTER • Ego about?
ALTER • Ego menswear is a newly launched clothing brand re-defining men’s fashion in Sri Lanka by catering to a diverse nature of personalities through its carefully detailed designs.

2. Tell me about your collection which you have featured on this shoot? 
The third collection, “Street Beat” features the latest trends and design details from all-time favourite street fashion. All pieces have its unique take on what street styled fashion is about. Taking it from daring prints to daring seam lines, adding depth to each design individually.

3. What would you say is missing in Men’s Fashion in Sri Lanka?  
Men’s fashion is a very slow growing sector of the fashion industry. This is probably a result of the lack of understanding what most men like in their wardrobe selections and what trends actually do suit men in our country.

4. As we come from a tropical country, what do you keep in mind when you source your material? 
My number one concern when selecting fabrics is definitely the weight of the fabric, as our country is quite warm I like to pay close attention to fabrics that are light in weight. All materials are tested to be 100% cotton eliminating any irritation to skin and loosely woven letting air flow through easily.

5. How is the competition in the Market, where do you position ALTER • Ego? 
As of now, there are a very few Designer brands doing men’s clothing purely. This makes ALTER • Ego on a good path but also a very risky one as we need to work twice as hard to get a menswear brand just as trending as a women’s wear brand. We are still making our mark in the industry but so far we are glad to be making a great impact on our customers.

6. Do you see ALTER • Ego moving into a retails store? 
Yes definitely. Currently, ALTER • Ego is a brand with limited pieces but hoping to expand as we evolve.

7. How do you keep up with trends?  
For me following up with the international runways has been a very effective way of keeping up with trends.

8. What is the process of making your design, your inspiration/idols etc? 
Every collection is done with a 3-month gap, therefore, I collect as much inspiration I can within that period from all my sources. Inspirations come from what’s trending with the celebrities, international brands and sometimes seasonal trends too.

9. Who do you envision wearing your work? Do you think about this when you work on designs?  
I target the customers with the unique sense of style when working on my designs, those who dare to dress as the trends go. I like to give them a selection from loud fashion to very simple fashion as that’s what this brand stands for. Serving to a variety of personalities.

10. What are the best sellers, do the gentlemen of today like it simple or crowded, and what is the most popular size? 
It’s a thin line between the contrasted detailed styles and the minimal styles. But mostly towards the styles that have contrasting details. The most popular size for us has been the Medium (Collar size 15.5). And starting from this collection “Street Beat” we are introducing size XXL due to many requests from our customers. 

Designer – Malisha Nicoli 
Photographer – Arantha 



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