Mystical Trance

Fashion graduate Ranga's collection inspired by doodling 

Ranga Senavirathe is a recent graduate of the Open University of Sri Lanka, where he majored in Fashion Design and Product Development. At the recently concluded graduate show, his collection stood out due to its diversity in design and fashion forwardness. Ranga used a series of hand illustrations which were then printed on fabric. A menswear designer and print developer, Ranga is a talented designer and certainly one to watch out for. 

What's the new collection about? 

This is my university graduation collection which comprised of 6 different looks. I have used 'hand illustrations' as the main component for this collection. The base of all the prints that you can see, were hand illustrations that were manipulated by software and transformed as graphic prints at the end of the process. 

Do you only do menswear? 

Yes, I'm primarily a menswear fashion designer and a print developer. 

Are you hoping to retail? 

If you're asking about this collection, I will not sell these originals for some time because I want to use them for a few fashion shows I am hoping to participate in. However, I am looking to recreate these looks for the market in the near future. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to working with a well reputed brand or investor if I can get the opportunity. 

What's the inspiration behind the collection? 

Doodle art genres was the inspiration for this collection. Doodle art is also know as a modern form of ancient cave arts and scribble patterns. Basically, they are based on the feeling of the creator. Ancient people used this genre to express their feelings as an art. My concept developments were based on an original sense of ancient cave art with colour blends and scribble patterns. My attempt was to create a blend of my unique form of doodles and incorporate it with a high fashion men's sports casual line. 

What's the collection called? 

The theme for this collection is 'Mystical Trance'. I needed to achieve the very same sense of Alexander McQueen, so this is basically a sense of modern gothic. 

Why did you want a career in fashion? 

Since I have always been interested in art, designing, drawing and doodling as a child, I was always looking for a path which I can convert those into a profession someday. Fashion design is a field that incorporates all these skills in a positive way. 

Who is your muse? 

Lee Alexander McQueen. I'm a big fan of his work. To me, he is one of the greatest designers. I love the way he used his skull motif in fashion. 

Who's your style icon? 

David Beckham. I love the way he has established his name as a fashion and style icon in the industry while starting his career as a soccer player.


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