Types of Sri Lankan Shoppers

Love it or hate it, you will have to drag yourself out of your home every once in a while to shop, irrespective of whether you're a budget buster or a scrooge. So on these many escapades, you will invariably identify with your fellow shopper or find that you're poles apart. 

Here are types of shoppers you will bump into.

The Shopaholic
Shopping is their adrenaline and they engage in the activity with revered fervor. They don't miss any opportunity to shop, so much so they even plan most meet-ups at shopping malls. Two birds, one stone and all that.



The Bargain Hunter
Why pay full price when you can get the same for less? With a hawk eye for the best discounts and online codes, this bargain shopper is probably subscribed to all bargain shopping websites and has downloaded all relevant apps so they're never out of the loop.

The Researcher
The internet exists for a reason. So do their large network of family, friends and acquaintances. Looking to buy a double door refrigerator? You can bet your life savings the researcher would have scoured the inter-web for reviews and have compare/contrasted the product with competitor products. They will also inquire about it from everyone and their father. The process will take ages, but if you're splurging, then you gotta be sure, right?

The Impulsive Buyer
Ever been to houses in which decor is really cute/unique but is totally mismatched? You know for sure then that someone in the house is an impulse buyer. The impulsive buyer can never resist the allure of a product that beckons them, and life's short, so what harm is one more item going to do?



The Negotiator
Businesses are out to get us and items are unbelievably overcharged. While the rest of us might succumb, the negotiator is certainly not about to take it lying down. They will argue their way through until the now fearful salesperson gives in.

The Loyalist
You have a specific store you've decided is worthy and that's the only place you'll shop. You're such a familiar face that everyone working there greets you like an old friend and you get the best discounts and deals. Once in a while, someone's likely to slip you a little something for free as a token of appreciation.

By Rihaab Mowlana 


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