Dharshan’s Cafe Nihonbashi opens at The Radh

Oct 10 2018. view 488

Nihonbashi, one of the island's premier spots for Japanese cuisine recently opened at The Radh in Kandy. Representatives from both Nihonbashi and The Radh addressed the media at a press conference held at the premises.


“In whatever we do - whether construction or manufacturing - we always do something special. Something unique” Afzal Marikar, Chairman - Icon Hotels, stated. “So we decided to create a unique property over here in Kandy”. Marikar elaborated that the design of the hotel was conceptualized to embody the architecture and design elements inspired by the Kandyan heritage. “Our architect was Nandika Denipitiya who did a very good job. Our Executive Director Mr. Azim was involved in the interior”. Marikar also addressed their partnership with Dharshan Munidasa in order to bring high quality Japanese cuisine to the city of Kandy. “The best thing that happened to us was teaming up with Dharshan Munidasa.

We are bringing international cuisine into Kandy, and it will be an opportunity for the Japanese tourists as well as tourists from other countries and the residents of Kandy to experience Dharshan’s cuisine”. Reverting to the offerings of the hotel, Marikar emphasized that they focused on attention to detail especially pertaining to the facilities provided for the guests.

Next to address the gathering was Dharshan Munidasa, who expressed his desire to branch out to Kandy. “Kandy has always been on our radar for the last 20 years. Many Japanese restaurants have come in the past and many have not worked because the offering was not right”. Professing a desire to change that with the opening of Cafe Nihonbashi, Munidasa admitted that “at first when I was introduced to the project, I was sceptical”, but believed that the time was right for a Japanese restaurant to flourish in the city. “With Kandy being the 2nd most visited city by tourists, I believe we are here at the right moment and the right place”. In addition to this, he cited the quality of The Radh as being the perfect venue for his Cafe.

Nayana Ellepola, Managing Director - Nihonbashi, recounted his friendship with Marikar, with whom he attended school - a relationship that was ultimately the springboard from which the partnership between The Radh and Cafe Nihonbashi resulted. Ellepola also expressed his excitement on partnering with a property that echoed the ethos of Dharshan’s brand of providing quality. “I think we go hand in hand. We at Nihonbashi are very proud to be associated with this project. This is the best place for Nihonbashi to be located because it works well with our concepts and quality. Kandy is going to experience something new”. 

Azim Marikar, Executive Director - Icon Hotels, reiterated the hotel's offerings, expounding on what guests can expect when they stay at The Radh. He explained that the hotel has made every hotel to address the requirements of the guests, anticipating things guests may not even have thought of. He also added that as a city hotel, their proximity to the Dalada Maligawa ensured that guests had the best access, and were well placed to experience the city.

Concluding the conference was the property's General Manager Shafraz Rahimdeen, who while expressing his excitement on the partnership between The Radh and Cafe Nihonbashi, also gave a short overview of the hotel. The press conference concluded with a guided tour of The Radh, followed by a lunch at Cafe Nihonbashi comprising a Perahera Bento Box that was created for and will only be available at the Kandy outlet.

Pics: Waruna Wanniarachchi 




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