For The Love of Pineapple!

It is the one drink that I will never get sick of and believe it or not I tend to have it even when I have fancier options. And I love fruity drinks, so this was a result of one of my experiments, introducing a combination of Old Arrack and pineapple juice. 


· 50 ml pineapple juice 
· 50 ml Old Arrack 
· Soda 
· Ice cubes 


Mix in the pineapple juice and Old Arrack. (Make sure you strain the juice after its made before mixing in the old arrack) 

Pour in to a glass and top it with some soda and ice cubes. 

It’s perfect for beating the heat and just another excuse to drink! 

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPH by Zeeshan Akram Jabeer


Jithendri Gomes

A Sociology student who loves to travel and enjoys good food. "I only need the beach, a good book and a bag full of mangosteens to be happy!"


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