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Dineli Bartholomeusz has been baking cookies for her family for years now but it was last year when we met at a dinner party that she spoke to me about trying her hand at selling her treats. So since March 2017 her cookies have been made to order but as of late you can purchase her cookie dough and bake these scrumptious cookies, in the comfort of your home. The concept is as 
“Easy as ready, cut, bake,”
according to Dineli as she adds,
“Yes making cookies are simple but the reason I did this is for sheer convenience, and because it wasn’t available plus it is the ideal option for busy parents and children for that sweet fix without the fuss.”  
She also adds that any kid over the age of 10 can make them under adult supervision, while it is the easiest dessert option for a party.  
At the moment it is just the Gooey Milk Chocolate Chunk Frozen Cookie Dough (Rs 1,450) that is available at Keells (Crescat and Union Place and soon at Thalawathugoda). 
The idea behind this concept is really, really simple. You take the dough out, cut it to the desired or recommended slice and pop it in the oven as per the instructions on the pack – the result – super fresh cookies without the hassle of having to make your own cookie dough from scratch. 
And we all know there’s nothing better than fresh cookies right out of the oven. 
On request (prices vary), Dineli can also make the Gooey Mint Dark Choc Chunk, Gooey White Choc Chunk and the O! Milk Chocolate Chunk frozen cookie dough. 
Gooey White Choc Chunk 
Gooey Mint Dark Choc Chunk
Our pick was the Gooey Milk Chocolate seeing as you really can’t go wrong with good old milk chocolate chunk cookies while the hint of mint made for delicious Gooey Mint Dark Choc Chunk cookies.  
 For the sheer convenience, I would purchase the dough from Keells as it is readily available 
· The dough can be kept in the freezer for six months even after opening 
· I prefer gooey cookies so I’d cut them thicker and under-bake them slightly
· Store in an airtight container for not more than two days and refrigerate afterward 
· One pack makes 18 cookies 
· Check out our last review for more details on the range of cookies from Decadent Dough: 


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