Funvention 2017

‘Funvention 2017’- the first ever ‘Edutainment’ festival organised by the Past Pupil’s Association of Musaeus College kicked off in style last weekend. It was an event that brought children, families and the youth together to have their own fun. While children were having fun in their kids’ zones, there were different zones for the youth and the adults to have fun.
One such interesting zone was the Hogwarts Zone which didn’t have just Harry Potter related fun but also hosted many educational programmes from emergency training to demonstrations on health, workshops and many others. 

The other zones included the Cartoon Zone and even a Jurassic Park theme with life-size dinosaurs! The organising committee has been working tirelessly to make this event a success and funds raised from ‘Funvention’ 2017 will be in aid of the auditorium which was burned down last year.  Amidst the excitement, the Daily Mirror Life caught up with a few participants who shared their views about the event.

Amidst the excitement, the Daily Mirror Life caught up with a few participants who shared their views about the event.

“It’s a good concept.” – Rasali

“It’s a place for the entire family to come and enjoy.” – Ranudi

“I love the different zones that they have.” – Viduni

“This is the first time that we are organizing a carnival of this sort and so far it’s quite interesting and fun.” – Ishini

“Hats off to the organisers for pulling off a grand carnival.” – Yenuri

“It’s a good opportunity for a family to enjoy than just the young crowd.”- Janani

“Everyone should come and enjoy at events like this.” – Malvindi

“We are very fond of Musaeus and it’s a lovely event.” – Tharushi

“It’s amazing how they have catered to all age groups.” – Hemali

“A new concept for the young crowd to enjoy.” – Hasaru 

“We don’t see carnivals these days and this is a good way for us to have fun.” – Danuka

“It’s a good effort.” – Heshan 

“Usually a carnival is for kids but this is for everyone.” – Heshan

“It’s about education and fun and that’s something that rarely happens. Hats off to the organisers.” – Niraj

Pics by Waruna Wanniarachchi


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