Types of drivers in Sri Lanka

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Driving in Sri Lanka is nothing short of an extreme sport. From dodging the behemoths of the roads to the small but pesky tuks and fearing for your life, nothing is off limits. While we love to complain and point fingers, often, we are the very culprits endangering the lives of everyone around us! Without further ado, below is a list of drivers that you will probably identify with. 

1. Law Abiding Samson
You are possibly your ammis golden putha/duwa, and a model citizen who believes in adhering to the laws of the road. Your rule-following behaviour is matched by your exemplary driving skills and mannerisms on the road, scoring you infinite aunty points.

2. Average Siripala/ Siriyalatha
You most probably obey the laws - but only because you don't want to get fined or deal with any hassles. You might break a law or two though, but they are so minor even the traffic cops may not notice. Mostly, your driving is inspired by your mood. And maybe your day's horoscope prediction. 

3. Nervous Amare
It's the survival of the fittest and fit you are not. You are easily cowed by the bullies on the road. Pettah and Galle Road give you major anxiety. Every time you take to the road you wonder if you will live to see another day and you know it's probably a miracle you're still alive and well. 

4. Panditha Driver / Overconfident Bandusiri
Constant mood: road rage. The road is your oyster and you will do as you please, dammit! You'll take risks, run red lights and hit the gas to your heart's desire. You'll bully everyone else, because you gotta show ‘em who's boss. Those towering busses and pesky tuks got nothing on you.


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