The Kingsbury is unveiled

Dec 19 2012. view 2748





His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse ceremoniously declared open The Kingsbury, Colombo’s most luxurious hotel. Situated at the end of the Galle Face Green and the Indian Ocean as a spectacular backdrop to it, its breath taking beauty is just one of the exceptional features one can experience.

The Kingsbury is also a true testimony to the bygone era of grace and charm in all aspects; the architecture, interior décor, the personalized service and the overall ambience of the hotel.



Hayleys, the parent group of The Kingsbury is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest conglomerates with a history spanning over 134 years. Engaged in 12 strategically diversified sectors of enterprise, Hayleys is one of the most respected groups in Sri Lanka with a strong presence in the leisure industry representing several world renowned airlines as General Sales Agent, a vibrant Destination Marketing Company, Hayleys Tours and the resort hotel arm, Amaya Resorts and Spas.



“With the first phase of the refurbishment complete, long awaited guests can now experience the regal splendor of their ballrooms – ‘The Balmoral’, ‘The Victorian’ and ‘The Winchester’. Three elegantly adorned restaurants namely ‘The Ocean’ (world cuisine), ‘Yue Chuan’ (Chinese) and ‘Fisherman’s Wharf’ (seafood) will delight your senses with an array of international cuisine.



For those who wish to unwind and have a relaxed evening, the Kingsbury offers its lobby bar "Kings".  Rooms and other facilities when completed will redefine the hospitality offering in Colombo” said Mr Mohan Pandithage Chairman Hayleys PLC and Hotel Services (Ceylon) PLC.

Mr Mohan Pandithage further stated that “The Kingsbury, during the period of refurbishment invested extensively in training all categories of staff in preparation to deliver a level of hospitality and service that will delight the discerning traveller.




Equally the hotel has invested in bringing in international expertise recruiting experienced professionals for key positions. The hotel is strongly positioned to cater to and benefit from the fast growing business and tourism markets.

The elegant "Balmoral" ballroom is possibly the most romantic setting for any couple who wish to immortalize their nuptials, or for those celebrating a special occasion. The launch of the new hotel is strategically important for the Hayleys group’s vision of catering to a wider section of the tourist market to drive growth and harness the synergies of related services”.




Heading this property as the CEO is Mr Otto Stohl, an exceptional hotelier who articulated his vision for The Kingsbury as “to offer a personalized, respectful experience with individual attention and deep concern for every guest’s singular preferences.

At the Kingsbury every guest is made to feel like royalty and we promise to create timeless memories that will keep our guests returning to us time and time again.”

For Food & Beverage reservations please contact the F&B Hotline on 011 5 635 635 or please log on to


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