Completing your outfit with a Navya Clutch

Sisters Munawara and Sulthana Cader, the creative force behind the clutch purse brand Navya say, as a rule, they never put forward a clutch purse which they will not carry themselves. This simple credo is probably why Navya clutches are attracting a steady flow of happy customers within a short period of operation. The ladies behind Navya share a few thoughts on what they consider to be the ultimate accessory. 

Their personal favourites at the moment

A raw silk, vibrant, floral print, square-shaped box clutch which is versatile enough to be paired with an outfit combo as simple as jeans and a white t-shirt or a black cocktail dress. 

A modern city silhouette print on raw silk with a vintage, sleek frame, picked from Navya’s Valentine Collection. This could be worn with a trendy outfit for a Girls’ Night Out or even a casual Sunday brunch.

A square box clutch featuring exquisite hand embroidery and intricate beading which can only be worn as a perfect accessory with a sari or evening gown for an elegant affair. This clutch is part of Navya’s handmade luxe edition clutches. 

Selecting a suitable clutch for an outfit 
The first consideration is what purpose the clutch will serve within the look you want to build for yourself. There are always two things a clutch can do.It can make a statement by itself or simply compliment the chosen attire to give it some extra punch. Usually, a statement clutch featuring vibrant colours, heavy beadwork or intricate embroidery is paired with a very simple monochrome outfit making the clutch purse the crowning jewel of the outfit. The clutch purse which is intended to complement an outfit usually strikes a chord with the attire worn in terms of colour, texture and print etc.

Popularity of the box clutch purse
Browsing the Navya purse collection you will find that almost all are box clutches. According to Munawara and Sulthana, while globally there are a variety of clutch purse trends taking shape, they find that square or rectangular box clutches are a favourite among their clientele in Colombo. Navya did feature round, oval and envelope clutch initially but with the high demand for box clutches, they now focus more on various box clutch variations. 

While the Box clutch is super chic and elegant to carry, most often ladies find it’s rigid frame and shape stifling especially if you want to carry some basic items for a night out like a phone, credit cards and a tube of lipgloss. As a start-up brand, Navya is constantly in touch with their customers and their feedback goes right back into the designs they put forward. Navya’s 8 inches by 4-inch box clutch can easily carry a phone and a few essential items which is another reason why the design is a favourite. 

The brand will however soon venture beyond its box clutches and is preparing to launch a new rectangular shape and a pouch type clutch in the near future. 

Clutch purse trends for 2018 
Trending now, are purses with prints ranging from abstract, watercolour, floral and even local feature prints.  In terms of shapes, squares and rectangles are in vogue and the box frames are getting thicker. 
While the clutch purse is a night out staple, it is not uncommon to find jeans and t-shirt combination being completed with an elegant clutch. Especially abstract- quirky prints can easily be worked into a casual outfit. 

A closer look at Navya
Navya is a hobby turned business venture for Munawara and Sulthana. While holidaying abroad, they found some clutch purses they absolutely adored, and later on looked around in Colombo hoping to purchase something similar with no success. They identified a niche which seemed lucrative and a subject matter which was personally very exciting for them and with that combination they launched their very own clutch purse brand Navya.

Navya currently operates exclusively as a Facebook and Instagram store with plans for their own online store in 2018. Each Navya clutch is unique as they do not manufacture or source more than one or two purses from each fabric. They also retail via regular pop-up sales and at the design collective store. '
Text by Surekha Jayasinghe


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