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A chat with Mr. Dinendra John, Managing Director of The Fitness Connection 

Don’t be afraid to reach out for that last serving of pudding this season as The Fitness Connection promises to cater to all your fitness essentials. Located in the heart of Colombo, The Fitness Connection is the ideal choice for the health conscious individual. Its enticing facilities and services take fitness and healthcare to new heights. 

Life Online spoke exclusively to the Managing Director, Mr. Dinendra John, to gain more insight into this newly opened gym. 

Tell us a little about yourself and the initiative taken to launch The Fitness Connection. 

I’ve been involved in the granite business for quite some time now but I was on the look-out for a new business avenue to venture into. When I eventually came across this space I immediately recognised the potential it had and took the opportunity. 

Why did you decide to call it ‘The Fitness Connection’? 

I wanted to create a gym which didn’t only concentrate on intense workouts but also becomes a point where people can connect. It’s a place where people can come and work out with their friends or as individuals. The relationship they build with staff members is also important since they’ll be frequently visiting the gym. 

Why was central Colombo a key location for your gym? 

I’m really happy with the current space. It’s a key location from the perspective of a customer or businessman. It’s also extremely convenient because you can drop in on your way to work or afterwards and there’s ample parking as well. 

What is your gym presently offering that other gyms in and around the vicinity aren’t? 

I think clients will find that our facilities really cater to all their fitness concerns, but again I leave it to them entirely to come and observe the place for themselves. Our equipment is completely new and imported from both USA and Denmark. Additionally, we have a rock climbing wall, male and female steam rooms, an in-house sports masseur and of course, professional trainers (male and female). We’re also very flexible with our policy so you can bring your personal trainer to our gym and work out if you’d like. 

If you’re interested in maintaining an overall balanced, healthy lifestyle then we have a Calorie Counter juice bar set up at our gym. They will be able to assist you with a possible diet plan or you can place a call to order your preferred meals and pick them up from the gym itself. 

How important do you perceive fitness and health to be during this time and age? 

Really important! Everyday people are faced with so much stress that they need a healthy environment like a gym to ease that tension. Whether you’re young or old, doctors always stress on the importance of maintaining fitness. In today’s age I think that there are many facilities available to really help you tackle your fitness goals in an easier way. 

Finding a good gym is like building a lifelong partnership. If you could tell your clients one thing what would it be? 

Come on over to our gym, try a free workout and tell us what you think! The staff and I are always open to meeting new faces and hearing your comments. 

Current packages offered by The Fitness Connection: 

1. All day membership (workout any day of the week) 

· Annual amount – Rs. 110, 000 
·Biannual (6 months) amount – Rs. 70, 000 
· Quarterly  (3 months) amount – Rs. 40, 000 
· Monthly amount – Rs. 18, 000 
· Daily amount – Rs. 3, 000 

2. Off-peak hours membership (10:00AM – 4:00PM) 

· Annual amount – Rs. 80, 000 
· Biannual (6 months) amount – Rs. 50, 000 
· Quarterly  (3 months) amount – Rs. 28, 000 
· Monthly amount – Rs. 13, 000 
· Daily amount – Rs. 2, 500 

3. Couples package 

· Annual amount – Rs. 170, 000 
· Biannual (6 months) amount – Rs. 110, 000 
· Quarterly  (3 months) amount – Rs. 65, 000 
· Monthly amount – Rs. 28, 000 
· Daily amount – Rs. 5, 000 

4. Personal training sessions (2 months) 

· 15 sessions – Rs. 18, 000 

5. Sports Therapy Massage 

(*Additional charges for Moroccan oil) 

· 30 minutes – Rs. 3, 000 
· 60 minutes – Rs. 5, 000 
· 90 minutes – Rs. 7, 000 

The Fitness Connection plans to extend their interests in healthcare and fitness by working with well-known health conscious companies like OLU mineral water and August king coconut water suppliers in the days to come. Prepare to put your fitness troubles behind you as The Fitness Connection opened for business on December 8. 

Address - GS 09 & 10, Racecourse Grand Stand, Racecourse Avenue, Colombo, Sri Lanka 
Contact number - 0773339119


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