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Feb 16 2018. view 360

A simply breathtaking performance once again by the De Lanerolle's leading the Choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour.  As said by many, you really did feel Gods presence that night, the Choir consisted of people of all ages, which made the unity of the voices sound that much better.  The feeling was intense, you could see how connected the choir was to the lyrics of the hymns they sang, and it was simply a beautiful experience.  The show took place at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour on the 11th of February at 6.30 p.m which was in Aid of the Cathedral Outreach Program.  

The brothers were also requested to stage the programme in Kandy and Galle and the repeat programme will be presented by the Inner Wheel Club of Kandy, where the choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour will be accompanied by the Choir of Trinity College Kandy at the Trinity College Chapel, and for further details please contact 075-9339339

It was a wonderful experience working with this choir on this program, they've become family, and it has become wonderful. 
-Aruni Wijeyaratne

We really experienced god today, the choir did a very good job, we're happy that we had such a large crowd to share our experience with, Ishan is a good leader, and we really admire his work.

Fantastic, I thought it was well organized, and it was such a religious experience
-Malika Dedigama

It is really an event and an act of worship for which we begin to touch the hearts and lives of people, today our hearts are heavy, with so much of problems, anxiety fears and doubts, and it is to experience doubts.  
-Rev. Diloraj Canagasabey

I am really thankful to the lord for bringing me this evening, the lord's presence was here, and Jesus was glorified in everything they did, they brought this service together and I'm really glad that it brought glory to God.

It was amazing, when I was at St Pauls, we did the same program, and it brought back so many memories and the inspiration that it gave me was amazing, I was really communicating with the lord when the music was on and the songs were being sung, I was blessed personally great blessing to everyone that was here.
-Chandrani de Silva

Lot of people have been moved to tears and I think that says it all, the choir has come a very long way and I'm very proud of them.
-Ishan De Lanerolle

Singing wise it was brilliant, it's not the easiest thing to do, absolutely amazing, they're getting better and better.
-Mevan Karunaratne

I thought it was excellent and very professionally done, it was nice to see them, it was a show and a religious experience.
-Steve Back

It was great, I come to this church and it was great, for me it was more of a musical experience.
- Aru Supramaniam

It was very nice and touching, it was beautiful. 
-Dr. Priya

I was deeply honoured to have been invited by the Vicar and the Director of Music to be part of this wonderful modern Christian work. This is not the first time I have received such an invitation as Mrs Neela Silva - the former Choir Director had also invited me many years ago to be part of the Cathedral choir for various programmes etc...so the cathedral family has been very much part of my ministry. This work was a testimony to mainly the teenagers and young adults as it talks of God's un-ending love through Narration & Music. In this day and age when we seem to have so-called new churches that are hoodwinking innocent people and building communities such as cults, I am delighted that under the Bishop, the Anglican Church that I have been part of since my birth is undertaking programmes such as these, which educates and instills the theological teachings of God to a modern day society in an ethical and refined manner and more importantly according to the teachings of the "Bible" with the "Cross" being the forefront of our Belief and NOT individuals. I have had a wonderful time and I do hope we were all able to touch people's hearts today.
-Rohan De Lanerolle

by: Mesha Wickremesinghe
pics by: Nisal Baduge


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