Don’t Mess With A Baby

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I think I just pee-ed in my diaper. It's Mummy dearest, she's just killing me with these jokes of hers. Oh boy there she goes again, she could be a stand up comedian my mother. Want to know what she's going on about..well she's saying hilarious things like “Dad and I haven't taken a holiday together in years, she thinks they deserve at least one night away, they're good parents and they love us... and wait here's the punch line.. they're not taking the kids. Hoot! Hoot! There goes my misbehaving bladder again. Too funny Mummy, I might need a diaper change. 

Yes dear reader my parents do attempt these humorous acts now and again. They get all excited and book hotels, organize babysitters, pack cars and live in utter hope that their Disney dream, a holiday without kids is going to happen this year! HA! Let me tell you something, it never happens. Bless their cotton socks and upteen brownie points for trying, because it looks like Mum unfazed, is at it again this year. Her face determined, meticulously runs through the itinerary of the fun things that we would be doing whilst she is away. From trips to the zoo, to ice cream to pool time and more ice cream. Does the baby sitter, Grandma know this Mum.. or now are your really saying anything so you and Dad can abandoned your children, your precious possessions in the whole wide world. 

Through the tears of laughter I realize Mum seems quite insistent on this holidaying for two. Right here comes the waterworks then, I start with a wobble of the lip, a baby's lip wobbling is to die for, it can make grown heartless men weep. A loud sniff followed by a slight watering of the eyes. She looks at me suddenly, yep she's seen the unwept tears in my eyes.. okay I've got her.. any minute now will start the full on waterworks.. goodbye holidays for two, sorry Just Dad it just doesn't seem like its your year this year also. Wait Mum's determined, she avert my eyes and says they'll be off in an hour and be back before we know it. Okay.. time to changed tactics.. Mum's a goner, and it looks like Dad's my only hope. He comes in to the nursery presumable to say goodbye, I don't meet his eyes, I look sadder than one of Adele's sad love songs. Yep there's that hesitant face of his..”Hey what's up Big Guy” he goes. “We'll be back soon”. I stay focused crestfallen, downcast, I work him, to a tee.. I'm superb, method actor call me sometime, I give tips. Dad scratches his head in doubt.. he shouts “I don't think this trip is a good idea, let's go next year”. VICTORY is mine! 

Babies and Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is a normal emotional stage of development that starts when babies begin to understand that things and people exist even when they're not present – something called "object permanence." 

At certain stages, most babies or toddlers will show true anxiety and be upset at the prospect – or reality – of being separated from a parent. If you think about separation anxiety in evolutionary terms, it makes sense: A defenseless baby would naturally get upset at being separated from the person who protects and cares for him. 

In many ways, attitudes about babies and separations are cultural. Western countries tend to stress autonomy from a very early age. But in many other cultures, infants are rarely separated from their mother in the first year of life. 

How to get your child to stop using diapers? 

Diapers are an integral part of a baby’s life, with almost all parents using them today. While these are extremely convenient in the initial stages of development, diapers can prove to be quite a bane for parents later on as it becomes very difficult to get the toddler to kick this habit. It is very important that your child is ready for the transition. Most children show indications of being ready and express it either verbally or non-verbally and it is essential to understand such signs and respond accordingly. It is essential that you make your baby understand the need to use the toilet for all their elimination needs and make it sound as if it were a grown up thing to do.


Mayuri Jayasinghe

Mayuri Jayasinghe plays many roles in her life but her most important and quite baffling role is that of being mother to her four children. She is the voice behind 'Parenting Life' for LIFE. A regular contributor to Women at Work and the Little Enquirer. Follow Mayuri on her Facebook page, The Parenting Club.


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