8 Types of Infuriating Coworkers

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We spend more time in the presence of our coworkers than we do our own families. And irrespective of the industry or culture of the organization, there are the stereotypically notorious characters who will inevitably pop up to make our lives hell or a little bit easier (once in a blue moon ish). Here's a rundown of the office personalities we love to hate. 

#1 The Ones With The Title 

Your measly master's degree pales in comparison to their several PhDs, which are proudly on display in their email signatures. But in case you never noticed the signature, they will let you know every opportunity they get. Never mind their PhD in Anthropology has nothing to do with their current line of work. 

#2 The Overly Ambitious 

These people make you look like you're slacking, even if you're slaving away working your posterior off. They are eager to please the higher ups, are constantly working overtime, and taking on way more work than they can handle - and manage to mysteriously complete it on time. Simmer down Susan. Stop making the rest of us look bad. 

#3 The Backstabber 

That sweetheart who seemed like they would  give up their life for you, until you find out they screwed it instead by sharing unfounded lies about you to your boss and your colleagues. If it's not that, then they will steal your ideas that will result in their promotion, while you drown in a pool of your own blood and tears. 

#4 The Passive Aggressor 

We get it dude, you stayed late finishing up the project unlike us. We know your workload is crazy. Newsflash, so is ours. Complaining about us indirectly won't change a thing. 

#5 The Loudmouth 

Their voice preceding their arrival, these people are either unintentionally or intentionally loud. Their phone conversations are always a few decibels more than what is socially acceptable and their migraine inducing snort-laughing on a near constant basis is usually the bane of our existence. The unintentional loudmouths are the worst though - they genuinely believe their half baked opinions deserve to be heard, and their booming voice will resonate through the building and reverberate inside your head. 

#6 The Technology Neophyte 

Where is the USB port? How do I attach images to an email? How can I print this document the other way? Uh.. you mean landscape mode? They are also the people who type www.google.com into the Google search bar. These people may have a wealth of knowledge, but computer literacy is not one of them. These people are either genuinely afraid and overwhelmed by computers or are just too lazy to try figure it out themselves. 

#7 Debbie Downer 

Conversations with Debbie Downer are all doom and gloom. God forbid you get roped into a conversation, you are most likely to lose your will to persevere through the day. They will complain complain and complain some more about their life, their significant other, their kids, their job, their coworkers, the weather, the bus fares and everything in between. 

#8 The Useless One 

The one that's actually slacking and holding everyone back thanks to their incompetence, but is mysteriously on a higher salary than you. While you're probably questioning how they snagged the job, they have their feet up on the table and are chilling without a care in the world. Work and deadlines be damned.


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