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The Ten Occasions 

I am counting the days until I get my Christmas bonus. Just to think – all that cash invested in me in the form of shoes, food, clothes, food, bags, food and food! It’s never too early for a single girl to decide on what she wants to splurge the bonus cheque on. I realize every now and then, when you are in a relationship or when you have married this changes because, naturally, you are inclined to think of the other person before yourself. Or you’re supposed to. 

I am trying to live up to my New Year resolutions of eating healthy and snacking on granola bars – it really does nothing to satiate my urge to eat Milo out of the container. As 2016 draws to an end, I see too many posts on Facebook about how many ‘sleeps’ or ‘days’ there are until Christmas. It reminded me that the calendar of someone in a relationship could be far more eventful than a single person, and I decided to compare ten occasions in the year for a single girl vs. a girlfriend/wife. 

1.) V-Day 

This is the Dooms Day for every singleton. From every Cargills outlet to the clothing store, you are reminded of why you should be having a significant other. If you're in a relationship this involves 6 weeks of thorough planning and research on the type of gift, availability, and delivery methods. On the flip side, if you’re single you pretended you’re in a relationship so you can stock up on chocolates. No one judges your basket full of Ferrero Rocher if it’s Valentines' Day. 


2.) Birthday Bash 

If it’s your birthday and you’re single, it is complete with a bucket of KFC, ice cream, and some time in the spa. 

If not, you need to make sure you look surprised when the significant other buys you a gift you had been hinting at forever. 


3.) Crappiversary 

If you’ve been in a relationship for over 5 years, you realize that anniversaries aren’t that important. He not forgetting to buy the groceries without having to be reminded is the greatest blessings. If you’re single, you only remember the dates of when you’re favourite show premiered. 


4.) Date No-ights 

Date nights for single girls are binge-watching TV series suffering from a food-coma of pizza, cheese toast, and Cadburys. It can happen as frequently or sporadically – it’s at your discretion on choosing to leave your bed over the weekend. If you married or in a relationship, this brings about a lot of fuss and most often guys are happy to arrive in their flip-flops at best when their partner has spent 5 hours preening herself. 


5.) La Familia 

If you’re in a relationship, you treat these first few family meetings with gusto. You want to outdo the former girlfriend or just create an amazing impact so much so that you bust a small fortune on tasteful nude colours. 

If you’re single, you only see your BFF’s family when you wake up after a long drunken haze in their spare bedroom. 


6.) #Work 

The thing with work dos is that you cannot omit the significant other. They think your Boyfriend only exists in your imagination or there was something so abhorrent that you’ve kept him safely away like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Which also leaves your significant other pained because they’d rather spend their Saturday evenings watching rugby on Setanta, instead they’re wriggling in their shirt and shoes for the price of love.
If you’re single, you look forward to this day on the calendar! Free food! 


7.) Hallo Weeners 

Yet another valid reason to buy Halloween-themed cupcakes if you're single! If you're ‘attached' you're probably wondering what to wear for the Halloween gig. 


8.) Jingle Bells 

Christmas, hands down, has got to be the most over-commercialized holiday for everyone. Even if you’re single or not, you’re stressed out about busting too much cash for trivial things and not getting a good enough gift. This isn’t beneficial for either party. 


9.) New Year 

If you’re in a relationship, there’s always someone to wish at the dawn of the New Year – if you're single the Group Chat with your Brunch friends saves the day. 


10.) Vac-nay 

Having 14 days of paid leave and not having someone significant to spend it with is a classic bummer. As a single girl, I’d rather be at work during these days. There are only so many movies you can stream. On the other hand, if you have a significant other, you’d have far more things to do as you ‘live’ stream it and post about it every few minutes. 


There you go! Ten occasions on a single girl's calendar vs. when you're taken! Share your thoughts with me via Ms. Confidential live on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and look out for more reads on! Don’t forget to share this post and look out for next week’s update.


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