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Just before Ironman 70.3 took to the streets in Colombo, as many as 300-400 children participated in a run-only event. Here, children between ages 3-14 tested their running skills and one unique aspect of this event was that all children were given a medal and a certificate in appreciation of their participation. The primary objective of Ironkids Sri Lanka was to inspire kids at a young age to take up an active lifestyle and gear them up for Ironman in future. 

Speaking to us, a few Ironkids and parents shared their views with us :

"I participated in the 9-11 age group and it was a fun event. This was the first time I got involved in an event like this." - Taren

"I had fun running with others." -Dulansa

"I wanted to finish the race first. I do athletics in school and it was a fun event." - Sadeesha

"This is my first time at an event like this. It was fun running with my friends."- Bhakthi

"We need to thank the organizers for pulling up an event of this calibre. I enjoyed the race."-Seneshi

"I had fun running with my friends."- Shazna

"It was challenging but fun." - Senethma

"It's a good experience for all participants." - Ruban

"I think it's excellent to be getting children involved in these sports. It teaches them the importance of fitness, being healthy and the importance of participating in these events. It's not only about winning. Hope they bring the competition back in the coming years." - Krishni 

"It's a good event. I have seen Ironkids all over the world and it's a good start for Sri Lanka." - Aditi

Pics by Damith Wickramasinghe 


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