Ten Sexy Songs You Must Have On Your Playlist

The notion of sexy is lost in music today. Each and every hip hop or rap song raves about the ba-donka-donks (the rack has apparently gone out of style) and what women can do with it. I mean it's all fun but it is not purely sensual. 

Now listed below are songs that doesn't cover this everyday kind of 'you can do it - put your back in to it' kind of feel (no disrespect to Ice Cube, I am big fan of the song), these sizzling numbers are set to keep you company while you take things to the next level or at least inspire you to do so. 

Feel It by Jacquees ft Lloyd & Rich Homie Quan 

The existence of this song was unknown to me until I watched Magic Mike XXL - Channing Tatum shows you a clothed version of what you can do with this song. Besides this, the soothingly earnest tones of Jacquees "Tell me why you want to be bad?" just makes you want to be really REALLY bad. 

Crazy in Love (Fifty Shades of Grey) by Beyonce 

When Crazy in Love first came out, it had all of us jiggling our booty and I thought it can NOT get better than this. Oh but it did. My girl Bey (I am a proud beehive member) converted her own classic to a scintillating body tingling wonder for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. All hail Queen Bey! 

Addicted by Saving Abel 

It doesn't seem possible to sanctify the very act of going down on someone in a serenading ballad. At least that's what I thought until Saving Abel told us otherwise. This rock tune unveils a raw and deep appreciation of the erotic act. Hawt as hell I tell you... 

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and Max-a-Million 

Decades ago Marvin Gaye recognized the curative powers of sex. Today you play this number at any party or club and you have the entire floor agreeing with him. Play it in the privacy of you and your partner - you will both come to the unanimous conclusion that he speaks nothing but the naked truth. 

Good for You by Selena Gomez 

I am not a Selena Gomez fan, so this choice is completely unbiased. I don't care if she is the greatest auto tuned singer out there cause HAVE YOU HEARD THIS SONG? If you haven't, do so right NOW! I guarantee it will empower the sexy in you and inspire you to adorn yourself in seductive lingerie. 

Red Light Special by TLC 

Taking you back to the '90s when music was AWEsome, TLC's Red Light Special certainly gives you something to think about. A female telling you what she likes and how she likes it under the sheets - the song oozes confidence in its naughty lyrics.  No doubt, this is or should be every boss lady's anthem. 

Nightcall by Kavinsky 

Pinning down what exactly that makes Nightcall sexy is tough. Besides the fact that it's taken off the soundtrack of Driven starring the dreamy Ryan Gosling, Nightcall has an 80's vibe to it and at best can be described as dark, alluring, and mysterious. Dim the lights and have this on replay- you'll get my drift. 

Earned It by The Weeknd 

Since inception I have appreciated The Weeknd's music. Did I crush on him then? No. Did I start crushing on him after this song? Hell yes. Aptly scored for the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, earned it with the backing of the sultry ranges of violin makes every girl blush in all the right places. 

Ooh La La by Goldfrapp 

Okay. Confession time - I discovered Goldfrapp really REALLY recently. HER voice makes literally all of her music sound like sex. But if I was to pick a favourite it would be Ooh La La. The beat is sick, and extracts all intensity - keeping it playful and fun in the bedroom, like it should be sometimes. 

Skin by Rihanna 

What kind of list would this be if it did not include bad girl RiRi? I've kept this for last because it is my all time favourite sexy song. The name of the song alone - Skin - is unapologetically inviting. The insatiably lusty words - (No heels, No shirt, No skirt, All I am in is just skin) harmonising with the arousing sounds of the song especially the provocative guitar chords towards the end makes you want his skin…ALLLLLL the time. 

This comprises perhaps the crème of the soft-core rhythms out there. Accordingly special mentions must be made of course to - Freak Me by Silk, Nobody by Keith Sweat, (due to popular demand) Pony by Ginuwine, a number of Goldfrapp's songs (as mentioned before), Drunk in Love by Beyonce, and Doing It by LL Cool J

What sexy is is subjective, and there might be a few more titles that I have missed. But for now I suggest you go and enhance your music library with this to-have-sex-to playlist.

By S.A Hamid


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