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Kuvée : Wine Bottles with Internet Connections 

You’re probably thinking why would my wine bottle need an internet connection? Because everything is “smart” these days, from smart watches to smart toilets, but that’s a story for another day. 

You want ed, but he wants white. Don’t compromise. Go ahead, open both. 

Meet Kuvée, a refillable case that keeps wine fresh for up to 30 days, so everyone gets what they want. Kuvée aims to impress your dinner guests with a built-in touchscreen that tells you the history of the wine and also suggests food pairings. Get serving tips, receive personalized wine recommendations, and reorder directly from the device. 

How does Kuvée keep wine fresh you ask me? 

The central mechanic of the Kuvée Bottle has a simple underlying concept: use valves to block air from entering the bottle as you pour a glass of wine. That way, oxidation doesn't set the bottle's quality on a slow path toward spoiled wine. Instead, the bottle should last for weeks. 

The $199 preorder price for the Kuvée Bottle and four assorted wines on Indiegogo before it releases in October is a pretty good deal -- if you want to invest in the company's potential. 

In addition, for anyone serious about displaying bottles in their homes, or aging wine before drinking it, the Kuvée smart wine bottle just won't work. And for many who drink wine regularly, finishing a bottle over the course of two or three days really isn't enough of a problem for the price. A round of applause for innovation. 

By Zeeshan Akram Jabeer


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