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Mar 31 2016. view 1108

App Roulette : TVShow Time 

Developer: Toze Labs 
Genre: Entertainment 
Size: 31.32 MB 
Price: Free 
Available for: Android, iOS 

After literally spending eons scouring the app store for an app that would help us keep track of our gazillion tv shows, we finally stumbled upon this amazing app that will inevitably become every TV show addict's best friend. If you're like us and can't keep up with all your tv shows because you can't remember what comes on when, this is the app you've been looking for. 

How it works: 

So the app requires you to subscribe when starting up. Hold your horses before you judging though, fellow addicts. The TVShow Time app not only serves as a calendar, but is a huge network of tv show fans and includes an integrative platform you can actively partake in. You can choose to login using your email ID, or via Facebook or Twitter to create a profile to help you connect with other fans. Of course, you can choose to keep your profile private too. Purely your choice. 

So once you've created an account you're done. That's literally it. The app will then prompt you to pick 5 shows - if you felt the need to download this app, you're definitely an addict, so we’re pretty sure you watch more than 5 shows. If not, pick 5 anyway. You can change this later. You will also need to specify where you currently are in each show (up-to-date, few episodes in, or if you're seasons behind). This is, of course, for your own reference. 

So now that you’ve picked your 5 shows, you can add more to the list or delete the ones you don't watch anymore. We love how the app shows us upcoming show dates, episodes left to watch in each show, as well as countdowns to the next episode or season of shows you've listed. You can also set up to receive push notifications every time a new episode airs. TVShow Time also allows us condescending tv show connoisseurs to share opinions, create memes from shows (It’s one of the options available when you comment on episodes) and share them with our followers. 


You will be thankful for the apps uncluttered interface, despite all it offers. It is very easy to use and you’ll find your way around without a problem. The widget has two options: Calendar or To Watch, which you can pick depending on what's convenient.. or you could just pick both. 


While the general colour theme works for us, it would be nice to have a few colour options to choose from. 

In-app purchases: 

This app does not require any purchases of any form. There are thankfully no premium features either. So you get it all for free. 

To get or not to get? 

If you're a TV show addict - what are you even waiting for? The app will not only keep you up to date with all your shows, you can also share your thoughts on each episodes with other fans of the show. This is one of those apps that cannot be fully appreciated until you've tried it yourself. 

By Rihaab Mowlana


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