How to stay entertained during power outages

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Many in the country experienced power outages due to adverse weather conditions aggravated by heavy rains and strong winds. Amidst fear mongering on social media and a few sightings of destruction, people have been freaking out and panicking. While this kind of weather isn't the norm, many areas experience power outages on a frequent basis, and it pays to be prepared. So here are a few things you can do to keep yourself entertained.
Before the fun:
You know there's a high likelihood of more power outages, so prepare yourself. 
Charge your electronics
Stock up on batteries, and candles. Make sure all these, as well as any torches, are easily accessible.
Raid the fridge - use up the food you know will spoil easily.
Stock up on snacks and any medication.
In worst case scenarios, make additional arrangements if you live in areas that are prone to flooding.
1. Huddle together and share stories
We're all so busy these days that we probably sit together with family for a quick dinner and then scoot to get our work done or lurk on social media. The lights are out now and you have to conserve battery, so why not sit and talk about the good old days or share horror stories with each other? You'll be surprised as to how much fun this actually could be for all involved.
2. Play games 
There is no wrong time to play games, but there's no better time than when there's a power outage. Pull out those board games or just be children again and play hide and seek! It's dark anyway, which is only going to make things more fun.
3. Write a letter
Yes, an actual letter that requires paper and a pen, not your smartphone or laptop. Seems archaic? Technology has made connectivity much easier, but it has made things impersonal. You can even write one to your future self if it helps.
4. Hang out with your neighbours
You may have seen them in passing, but they may actually be a fun lot if you get to know them. Invite them over and enjoy a good hearty chat over snacks. 
5. Cook something together
Remember all that produce in the refrigerator you're afraid will go bad? Rally the family and get cooking with candles and torches illuminating the kitchen. There may be loads of mishaps, but that will only add to the fun. Just try not to burn the house down to the ground while you're at it.
6. Sleep!
When was the last time you got some quality Z’s? You probably don't remember. Since you're saving your phone battery and have no wifi to stalk people, why not go to bed early?


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