When ‘Freddy’ visited the Wendt AGAIN!

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Four days of guffaws filled the halls of the Wendt as Freddy returned with its hilarity. Written and directed by Feroze Kamardeen, ‘Freddy Strikes Back' is another successful rendition to the local standup comedy landscape. 

Five standup comedians, Ifaaz Bin Jameel, Daminda Wijayaratne, Dino Corera, Gehan Blok and Dominic Kellar, entertained the crowds with what we could call ‘society’s trending issues’.  

These included everything from certain engagements of politicians to renowned school jokes, unforgettable encounters, and even some cultural stereotypes highlighted on a humorous note. 

Towards the end of the show, we asked guests what they thought about the performance and who their favourite actor was. Here's what they had to say:

Day 1 
“It was very good. I enjoyed it and it was quite funny.” – Shamil

“I heard about this show before and came to check it out myself. It was pretty good.”- Shannon

“Gehan Blok was amazing and stood out from the rest.” – Wesly

“Gehan kept cracking jokes about schools which everyone could relate to. So it was the best part of the show.” – Ayman

“The show was absolutely amazing and Gehan truly did an amazing job.” – Mario 

“It was well directed and I enjoyed it.” – Janaki

“I enjoyed it thoroughly.” – Yanisha

“I am a big fan of Dominic so he was the best.” – Su

“There was never a dull moment with Freddy.” – Kumud

“The acting was really funny and even the political parts were very whimsically put. It was quite clever the way they put everything together.” – Amani

“Gehan stood out from the rest and I thoroughly enjoyed it." – Ryan 

“Had a good laugh.” – Nadeera

“It was quite entertaining to begin with and I liked Gehan’s performance the most.” – Tharuka

“It was very good and they picked all the important points. Dominic was really good.” – Ranul

Day 2 

“I loved Ifaaz’s performance because I could relate to him really well. His performance was on point.” – Sahera

“I really liked Dominic and Gehan and they brought light to many serious situations in the country in a funny way. Had a lot of fun.” – Enakshi

“I liked Gehan but Dominic and Dino were also good.” – Anushka(left)

“I thought all five of them were very good. I’m seeing them for the first time and I enjoyed it thoroughly.” – Krishanthi

“I liked Dominic as usual.” – Nathan(right)

“Dominic and Dino did really well.” – Priya

“I liked it very much and they all were very good.” – Risani

“It was quite interesting. This is the first time I’m here and they did really well. I liked Dominic the most.” – Tharushi 

“Personally I liked Gehan because he was a Peterite and I came to the show because I know he was in it. Dominic was also good.” – Kavinka

“It was quite humorous and it’s something that they should be doing.” – Stephanie

“The show was great and I especially liked Gehan and Dino. I hope they would do this more often.” – Amjath

“It was the first stand-up comedy event I came to and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Dominic and Gehan did well.” – Hafeez

“All jokes were centred on the normal topics that we could relate to and therefore it was quite interesting. I liked Gehan’s performance.” – Thusari

“Dino did well and it was an interesting show.” – Duleka 

“It was funny and hilarious. I loved Gehan and Ifaaz.” - Areeb

“I liked Dominic because he has a nice way of presenting his comedy.” - Ibrahim

“I liked Ifaaz and Dominic the most.” – Rahul

Day 3

“Really enjoyed it and Gehan was my favorite.” – Avinash

“Awesome provocation of smug and complacent Colombo society in areas where it hurts, resulting in gallons of laughter. All performers were good but Gehan sizzled in his wickedness.” - Kumar

“I really enjoyed and the diversity of each chapter was quite interesting. I think stand-up comedy is not popular here in Sri Lanka and everybody was different to one another.” – Vimani


“The acts were really good and they were nicely done.” – Ganithri

“Ifaaz did a great job.” – Akalanka

“I liked Gehan’s performance and would come back again for the next show.” – Kamila

“Superb show and everybody performed equally well.” – Pumudika 

“Daminda’s performance stood out from the rest.”– Nashitha 

“Dinoo, Gehan and Dominic were hilarious.” –Thilini 

“Everyone was really good but Gehan stood out from the rest because he was able to get everybody involved.” – Dasuni

“This is the second time I’m watching it and everybody did equally well.”- Kaylon

“It was very really good and very relatable.” – Chahini

“I loved it and Gehan did a brilliant show.” – Biman

“The show was awesome and Gehan definitely did well.” – Buddhima

“I really enjoyed the show and Dominic was amazing.” – Aamir

“The performance was well prepared, it was well-timed and everyone was on par with one another.” - Hidayath

Day 4 

“It was an awesome show and I liked Gehan’s performance.” – Yusuf

“Gehan did a good job and I enjoyed it a lot.” – Rakitha

“Performance was quite fantastic which was fun and touching at the same time. Daminda and Dino were good.” – Ruvini

“There was diversity in the jokes and it was for everyone. Everybody was good.” – Shivni

“It was very hilarious and I liked Daminda’s performance.” – Vishaka

“Dino did a good job.” – Navoda

“My favourite was Dino because he had a sense of Sri Lankan humour.” – Mirani

“I enjoyed it very much and I liked how they spoke about everything from culture to schools and how they communicated it.” – Harshala

“Performance was really good and my favourite was Gehan.” – Naveen

“This is my second here and Gehan did a good job.” – Sanjula

“I liked all the performances but the first two gave a good message.” – Chapa

“It was a good stress reliever and I liked how they communicated some issues which we would tend to let go of.” –Sarani

“The show was amazing and they reflected today’s problems in a very effective way. Gehan was the best.” – Harith

“They spoke about many sophisticated issues in a simple tone. I liked Gehan’s performance the most.” – Jeevanka

“It was amazing and my favourite was Gehan.”- Vishwa

My pick!
Daminda Wijayaratne stood out as the Best Actor, acting out how a person from a remote village in Negombo would look at these society’s issues differently from the rest. 

Audience pick! 
Gehan Blok

Pics by Kushan Pathiraja, Damith Wickramasinghe & Pradeep Dilrukshana


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