An Ode to Oxblood
2014-07-28 11:55:35
Oxblood conjures up an image of a haemoglobin-rich animal ...
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2014-07-28 16:41:11
Ancient bronze coins adorning shoulders and fluidly drapes in crepe silk whispers ...
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2014-07-28 14:40:44
Natalya Gunaratne is not your average everyday singer; the way she performs on sta ...
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2014-07-28 12:20:35
Prasadini Dekker works as a PA in an international school in Dubai. A great lover ...
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2014-07-28 11:00:24
They mesmerized Sri Lanka with their harmony. They revolutionized the way we saw E ...
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Miss Talent for Siyatha Lux Miss World SL 2014 ...
Femina Miss India 2014 contestants arrive in SL ...
Koluu’s ‘My Funny Valentine’ ...

The Perfect Getaway

Sabitha Perera

My Sister’s Kitchen : Pork Poriyal

Vimukthi Jayasundara

July 03
Tom Cruise
July 08
Sophia Bush
July 18
Kristen Bell
July 30
Lisa Kudrow
2014-07-28 12:08:47
Today Desiree takes on our tough six and this is what she had to say… ...
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Good looks or personality?
2014-07-28 12:49:24
The norm is to pick a partner for their personality and not good looks. Do you hon ...
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The Mom-paparazzi
2014-07-22 14:45:46
I rule the roost like a boss!. So I cry people come running, I fall down and Mum&r ...
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Music was my first love….
2014-07-22 12:03:34
There is always music in my house, from either the kids dancing around to tunes on ...
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Privacy in Relationships
2014-07-21 12:03:42
Your Opinion – The right to privacy in a relationship ...
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Toughloveanswered: Cathy
2014-07-21 11:50:51
This week, we have Cathy taking on the tough 6 for you. This is what she had to sa ...
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Your favourite 2014 comedy ?
Other Woman
Awkward Moment
Walk of Shame
Symphony for a Child
2014-07-01 11:03:57
The different upcountry and low-country drumbeats rose to a crescendo as the RaviB ...
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Blood Money: Reviewed
2014-06-24 17:11:55
For those of you who were able to come watch it, I’m sure you have no regret ...
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Rock Fest
2014-06-20 13:47:32
It has been a while since we saw a rock event which saw the biggest names in metal ...
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Assuming you are an income earner, interested in keeping track of your accounts, then a handy mob ...
Well recognised but not particularly beloved by all, ASUS has to compete with the likes of Acer, ...
If Sri Lanka hopes to become and IT hub, its IT champions are going to need some serious hardware ...