Buzz!!!! With Danu-Nadeera Rankoth Hannibal

Buzz with Danu makes its to its 10th year on Life.

Fashionably Danu, The Butler

Today I feature a young entrepreneur who is very particular about how one has to look and project himself, and that’s my kinda person...

WTF - Top 10

Today on WTF I look back some of the best places we have visited.

WTF – Inspire

A three-time Paralympic athlete, Mr. Burns has won gold medals and set world records in swimming pools from Barcelona to Sydney.

WTF – Pop Ups

This Christmas season has been about a lot of Pop - Ups - it’s such a trend today and it’s a good reason to shop and also socialize...

Buzz with Danu – Christmas 2018

It’s the season of Joy and its always nice to enjoy a warm Hug and feel all merry.

WTF – Who hung it well?

So we have made it to the end of the year, and looks like a sad, not so bright Christmas – the atmosphere is still dull and the cheer...

Fashionably, Danu

Today I feature a trendy brand JUMP, launched 2015, JUMP has strived to showcase the best in menswear mirroring international runways ...

WTF – A few feet from the Fort

Before the season attacks me with JOY and lots of invitations I thought its time for a small break. I heard so much about Le Grand, Ga...

Buzz with Danu - Rhonda De Silva

Today on the buzz I feature the new talk in Colombo

WTF – Experiences

On WTF today I speak about my new endorsement with a hot spot in Colombo Café Shaze

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - Embark

Its time for some fun and fab, and this week I feature a brand I’m personally fond of. It has a lot to do with paws and it has me hoo...

WTF – Off a Truck

Let me say it, it’s the best lunch I have had in sometime

Buzz with Danu!!! Marie Wood-Purvis

On the Buzz today, I have a world class fitness couch, Marie Wood-Purvis. I met her during my workouts at High-Octane and got a chance ...

WTF – 5 star at its best

I like to say I just LOVE Bangalore and visiting this part of India is like HOME to me.

Fashionably, Danu - DXL

Today on my fashion forecast we are looking at what this season might do to us. The curves can pop out and we need to be ready to cover...

WTF – Veganism

It was on the 1st of November and the world celebrated Vegan day

Buzz!!!! With Danu -Ornella

Today on the Buzz I speak to Ornella – Miss Sri Lanka for Universe 2018

WTF – 250 Years Ago

I think this is the right time to leave Colombo for some peace and YOU time, I did exactly that. I walked into a place that takes you b...

WTF – Simply Perfect

The WTF Team and friends who are like family, Ryan and Jonny treated me for my birthday here and I fell in love with everything about t...

WTF – Yum!

Everyone is talking about CCC but the food at this hot spot is the BUZZ, I went to try out the famous Food Studio on Monday during suns...

Fashionably Danu – Cuban

Today I feature a young trendy Sri Lankan brand that really captures the essence of Lanka, so chilled and so summer.

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Gruesome Playground Injuries

Drama in Sri Lanka is changing, and only for the better with more quality plays with an intimate small setting.

WTF – A View to Remember

My weekend was an amazing getaway with Asia Leisure properties

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - 1331

Today on Fashionably Danu I feature 1331 a brand that has always kept to great quality and perfecting their look. The collection featu...

WTF - J Town in C Town

On Sunday, My Sister’s Kitchen collaborated with The Sandwich Factory to bring Colombo the funkiest fusion of Jaffna flavors with a ...

WTF – Serving It Up

This month on WTF is all about some nice Colombo restaurants you can try!

Buzz!!!! With Danu

On Buzz with Danu, I feature Ashanthi de Alwis who released her latest music video last Friday –which speaks on suicide, which is a b...

WTF – Happy Belly

I have heard so much about this place and we at WTF had to go and check it out. They had all my favorites, coffee, cheat food, drinks e...