BUZZ with Danu - Yassas Gunaratne

Magic has always fascinated me, even when many people like to break and spoil the suspense of magic

Inspired by FAT

New spots are always welcome. WTF took a ride to Galle Road to check out the all new Fatty Patty, a cute little place with a lot of coo...

Fashionably Danu - Culture

Today on Fashionably Danu, we feature a new trendy brand which is making waves- simple cuts, easy to wear, dressy and sunny loving at...

WTF – I have 300 Pairs

Starting your own business is a tough proposition for anyone, but it becomes even tougher when you have limited funds for the startup o...

Buzz!!!! With Danu

Today on the buzz I go into the world of glam, with this beauty, and it’s great to see some amazing work done by her, both here and i...

WTF – keeping it black

Our feature today has been making waves for sometime now and it took us some time to make a visit and the wait was worth every bit

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - Shop. Cuban

Fashionably Danu always believes in promoting local, Lankan brands and Shop.Cuban is truly Lankan with all its magic.

WTF – oh, Mama

On WTF this week I check out the brand new Pizza place in Colombo, you can chill and enjoy the comfy cozy setting at the Sooriya villag...

Buzz with Danu – Eshan Dias

Today on the Buzz, I feature a superstar, I call him pure talent; and so true to his heart which makes him very special

WTF – A Master Class

We had so much fun shooting WTF this week, I got a chance to cook with Khanh

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - CMB Kushcobar

The trend is still on, the vibrant summer prints, flowers, stripes, and all in-between as Colombo falls in love with this over and over...

WTF – All in one

Run by power couple Amande and Ruta, Superfood Café is their love story of a healthy lifestyle.

Buzz with Danu - Eric Suriyasena

Today on the Buzz I feature a kind man, Eric Suriyasena, better known as Uncle Eric, the man who has contributed so much to Sri lanka i...

WTF – It’s not Black

On WTF this week I check out Black Cat Café. They have introduced a brand new set of burgers under the title, ‘Black Burgers’, so ...

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - Stripes and Checks

A well-cut shirt is always in fashion. It’s the key when it comes to dressing up, having a sharp shirt can fix most of the problem.

WTF – Yummy, Flakey, Messy

On WTF this week, we checked out “Baguette” French Bakery & Café in Mount Lavinia.

Buzz!!!! With Danu Nishantha Warnakulasuriya

I always say this, this country is blessed with amazing talent, and with “Grease the musical” I must say we have a power house of ...

WTF – it’s automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromat...

“Grease” has been in the works for so long and it’s a dream for the artistic director Kevin that is now coming to life.

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - NIMNA

NIMNA is bringing back the Cool kids on the block, Fashionably Danu is a platform for any designer who speaks to the male fashionistas.

WTF – Not From A Truck

On WTF this week, I checked out Street Burger.

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Naomi Rajaratnam

Today on Buzz I feature the Legendary dance sensation Naomi Rajaratnam who is back with yet another production titled ‘Grace and Glo...

WTF – Kavva dabba doo….

This week on WTF, I bring out the wild side, and hop around like Tarzan. We check out the all-new KAVA, making new waves with the roof ...

Fashionably Danu Featuring - Retro .90

Flower power, bright , island loving shirts are the biggest trend today, they seem to be trending from Bull & Bear, forever 21, Zara to...

WTF – Its Raining Fries

Everyday is FRYDAY when you love your fires, and who will say no to such goodness and comfort.

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Geeshan Bandara

I am a Wedding Photojournalist. I tell the story of the wedding with my pictures using my own artistic interpretation

WTF – Truly Lankan

On WTF this week, I visited a popular Colombo venue that lies in the Trip Advisor Hall of fame as they have received a certificate of ...

WTF – A Box with Two Windows and a Door

Sometimes you will be shocked to find out where help is needed, and at times it’s not even far from your home.

WTF – Had it all

This week we check out Ramada, located in the heart of the city with everything buzzing around it, and so much to do in the little prop...

Fashionably Danu - 1331

Fashionably Danu has always been a platform to show what amazing designs we can celebrate from SL- a brand that has been consistent wit...