Buzz!!!! With Danu - Reyhan

Today I’m Buzzing with Reyhan and it was hard for him to answer all these questions specially after the big match weekend.

WTF – Truly Asia

This week on WTF I speak about my visit to the land where street food haunts you and a good foot massage is affordable

Fashionably, Danu - Featuring Asalt Leather

Today on Fashionably, Danu I feature a brand that’s been around for along time - Asalt leather

WTF – Living it

‘Living proof’ is a visual storytelling project by Jake Oorloff.


I had such a blissful weekend in the heart of the city. My stay was at The Kingsbury hotel

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - Collectique

I may not look it, but I love Marvel / DC etc. But it’s always hard to find the original goodies here in Lanka, till I came across th...

WTF – Bubble Bubble

Social media took me to Brew Bar’s bubble waffles, where I felt like a kid living the yum life located in Rosemead Place, inside the ...

Buzz!!!! With Danu

Today on the Buzz I speak to a silent champion, or at least that’s how I see him

WTF – Sweet booth for a sweet tooth

Don’t you sometimes tell yourself “Oh! I so want something sweet now” I had the feeling just last week and I drove pass Hyve Dess...

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - MAZE

On Fashionably Danu, I always find joy in promoting new talent and great creators who have worked in making it a success.

WTF – He knows everyone and everyone knows him

WTF visits one amazing man this week, Jith Pieris who has the world at his phone

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Dinushka

I followed my intuition which constantly told me that I have to give my full attention to Clubhouse Vivaldi if I ever want it to get to...

WTF – Mangosteen

I have a few forms of addiction and one I have tried to get out of for along time is collecting stationery

WTF – All in One

With 2019 I’m sure you are sick of making a new-year resolution – but if eating healthy has been made easy tasty and fun!

Buzz!!!! With Danu-Nadeera Rankoth Hannibal

Buzz with Danu makes its to its 10th year on Life.

Fashionably Danu, The Butler

Today I feature a young entrepreneur who is very particular about how one has to look and project himself, and that’s my kinda person...

WTF - Top 10

Today on WTF I look back some of the best places we have visited.

WTF – Inspire

A three-time Paralympic athlete, Mr. Burns has won gold medals and set world records in swimming pools from Barcelona to Sydney.

WTF – Pop Ups

This Christmas season has been about a lot of Pop - Ups - it’s such a trend today and it’s a good reason to shop and also socialize...

Buzz with Danu – Christmas 2018

It’s the season of Joy and its always nice to enjoy a warm Hug and feel all merry.

WTF – Who hung it well?

So we have made it to the end of the year, and looks like a sad, not so bright Christmas – the atmosphere is still dull and the cheer...

Fashionably, Danu

Today I feature a trendy brand JUMP, launched 2015, JUMP has strived to showcase the best in menswear mirroring international runways ...

WTF – A few feet from the Fort

Before the season attacks me with JOY and lots of invitations I thought its time for a small break. I heard so much about Le Grand, Ga...

Buzz with Danu - Rhonda De Silva

Today on the buzz I feature the new talk in Colombo

WTF – Experiences

On WTF today I speak about my new endorsement with a hot spot in Colombo Café Shaze

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - Embark

Its time for some fun and fab, and this week I feature a brand I’m personally fond of. It has a lot to do with paws and it has me hoo...

WTF – Off a Truck

Let me say it, it’s the best lunch I have had in sometime

Buzz with Danu!!! Marie Wood-Purvis

On the Buzz today, I have a world class fitness couch, Marie Wood-Purvis. I met her during my workouts at High-Octane and got a chance ...