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  • The Very Veggie Burger at The Co...

    For over a decade The Commons Coffee House has been unostentatious café down Flower Road for anyone and everyone. They are also one of the few places in Colombo that cater to all the vegetarians. One of our favourites from their vegetarian section is their Very Veggie Burger. Man, it’s a VERY good burger!

  • Ethical Life with Amritaa De Sil...

    Ethical Life is Food Factor’s latest vegetarian and vegan column curated by Amritaa De Silva. She is a young and energetic Miss World Sri Lanka who loves to travel, eat and experience new adventures. She transformed herself into a vegetarian 12 years ago and is slowly moving in to the vegan lifestyle. Her goal is to spread empathy and love through food and to be able to enjoy an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Life Tries - PastaMania’s Nutt...

    The Life team tries PastaMania Sri Lanka’s special chocolate pizza dessert. This marshmallow and Nutella filled dessert is a delight for the eyes and for the tastebuds.

  • Koththu Fest at Hilton

    Hilton’s Curry Leaf which is their Garden Restaurant hosted a tasting of various types of Koththu Rotis recently. Friends of the media were invited for this Koththu Fest which started on the 7th of March and will continue until the 17th of March.

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