Food & Drink

Eat Right

Eat right is a great place for all those healthy eaters and even for any ordinary person looking for some good light food.

A Havana Haven

Bringing the bright colours, rustic vibes and eclectic quirks of Cuba to Colombo, the newly opened King of the Mambo at the Galle Face ...


It’s a nice place for a simple date, just to grab a quick lunch or even to get some dinner with friends.

Tea Avenue

Located in the heart of Colombo, Tea Avenue is definitely the place you’re looking for, whether it’s a business meeting, casual mee...

Brew Bar

The Brew Bar is located inside Zylan Luxury Villa down Rosmead Place and they are known for serving Bubble Waffles and Cheese Tea.


When friends (of over a decade) Anithra Ratnayake and Rahaal Balasuriya decided they wanted to start up a little restaurant serving up ...

Viva Mexico

In lieu of celebrating the National Day of Mexico, Kingsbury presents a week of authentic Mexican cuisine featuring a variety of dishes...

Laa Dhalu

The thought of sipping on a fermented tea made using a type of fungus did put me off the idea of trying out Kombucha for the first time...