Fifty Shades of Grey: Reviewed
2015-02-26 12:19:16
Fifty Shades of Grey is finally in Sri Lanka, and it&rsqu ...
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2015-02-27 16:30:25
Marianne Page won the title of Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe 2014 and just arri ...
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2015-02-27 13:25:22
While most of the countries suffer the wrath of the Snow Queen, those of us living ...
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2015-02-27 13:05:50
Bright Sparks, Colombo Fashion Week’s brainchild to promote young fashion gr ...
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2015-02-27 12:31:05
Russell Peters is at the top of his game, there is no doubt about that. After an a ...
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Sesame Street Live! ...
Lite 87 FM ‘Dracula Untold’ special screeni ...
Halloween at Streat 360 ...

Valentine's Day

Avishka Gunawardana

Drumstick white curry

Jayampathi Guruge

February 7
Ashton Kutcher
February 11
Jennifer Aniston
February 20
February 23
Emily Blunt
2015-02-24 13:04:10
As a mother, my children are my main priority and I am always wondering how I can be a better parent. What extra litt ...
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Parenting Styles
2015-02-17 13:43:56
In the middle of one of my ‘mummy rants’ in which I was admonishing my ...
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Fifty Shades of Baby...
2015-02-17 13:35:35
Babies are complex creatures, why don’t my parents understand this extremely ...
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Potty Training
2015-02-10 16:32:44
Parenting Nanny : Potty Training! ...
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A love like no other
2015-02-10 13:25:11
Last week marked the death anniversary of my beloved grandmother. The devasta ...
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Being A Team Player
2015-02-03 15:06:03
My daughter being a competitive swimmer for a long time has suddenly developed an ...
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Your favourite 2014 sci-fi movie?
Edge of Tomorrow
The Signal
The Theory of Everything: Reviewed
2015-02-24 14:38:10
The Theory of Everything. One single unifying equation that explains everything in ...
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Nightcrawler: Reviewed
2015-02-19 14:38:46
How far is too far? Is a happy ending what we as an audience want? And what would ...
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Review : Singing for SUROL
2015-02-11 11:04:46
‘I’m tempted, my darling, to steal you away, ...
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Champion of the SLCG (Sri Lanka Cyber Games champion) 2014, Binura de Zoysa also picked up Best P ...
Cricket fever can takes all forms including a mobile gaming app called Lions Roar by Gamos Techno ...
The Zenbook family of ultrabooks has carved a name for itself in the premium segment. The Zenbook ...