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Are we putting the right foods in our child’s snack box?

As your child begins Big School, there is an important requirement for a substantial snack. It can be a dilemma, for as a parent you worry whether your child is getting the right nutrients for the day.

Also, as a mother, you are never satisfied until you are present to see your child consume his/her meal. With you not being able to be there with him/her at snack time, it is probable that he/she will not eat the snack that you want him/her to. 

Here are some points to consider;

Vice President of the Nutrition Society of Sri Lanka Dr. Anoma Chandrasekara offers the following innovative meal options from a nutritionist’s point of view.

Fried rice with yogurt or curd, vegetables (carrot, spinach, leaks, cabbages), boiled chick peas, roasted pea nuts, eggs, fish or chicken


Expert Advice provided by 

Written by Mayuri Jayasinghe based on an interview with Anoma Chandrasekara, Vice President of the Nutrition Society of Sri Lanka


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