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The balancing act

Tips on making your family life and career work

Parenting can be quite a complicated job that every grown adult finds himself/herself doing. 

Children can be wonderful, beautiful, giving, kind and cantankerous creatures. They will push you to the verge of a breakdown only to reel you in with a sticky hug and kiss that says that they love you for eternity. 

Many of us have to work to provide for our families; giving our children the best opportunities in life falls upon our shoulders. We are talented individuals in our own right and despite our socioeconomic situation, we have careers to pursue and conquer; the trick is to get it right.

One should not sacrifice one for the other. A career pursued should be pursued with furor and determination, whilst also making sure children are raised by the parents rather than substitutes. 


Here are a few tips on getting the balance right whilst still maintaining your sanity!

One can indeed have the cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. Life is an adventure and one to be lived to the fullest. Parenting can overwhelm us, but it should not overwhelm us to the point that we are paralysed in its grips. Remember you CAN have a life. If it is to pursue a profession, it can be done, by simply achieving a balance of the two rather than giving up one for the other. 

Text by Mayuri Jayasinghe

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